Is this fact a security risk?

The abstract idea that Gordon Brown's recent visit could be predicted (by a terrorist) who could then take advantage;

I've begun passing the abstract point around Fleet Street now,

But one journalist has already pointed out that;

a - Camp Bastion in Afghanistan is ALWAYS a target and,

b - NOT turning up at all would affect troop morale.

To which I pointed out that;

a - Camp Bastion/the UK Embassy in Kabul etc ISN'T always crowded with guards and VIP's etc (making a far more significant target for any rocket attack etc) but IS crowded which such people when Ainsworth/Brown visit, and,

b - Simply turn up at a time which Psephology does NOT predict - boost the troop's morale with a visit THEN.

The journalist STILL wasn't convinced though (a Tory-supporting newspaper too) - I'll work my way around though to see all the Nationals think (Sky News too etc).

I'll give the MoD another go too - they haven't officially responded at all.

So either I've got it wrong, or Fleet Street journalists have it looks like - if you decide I am right though, I suggest you do something to stop the risk before Bin Laden takes advantage - because it looks like I'm getting nowhere.

If you don't know what I mean;

As the British Army fatality count in Afghanistan passed the significant 200, Bob Ainsworth reacted in a way Psephology dictated, crucially he ran off to Afghanistan itself.

(You'll notice Labour often does that whenever Psephology dictates - Gordon Brown at the weekend too - military top brass were majorly ranting at him and he'd just faced Chilcot).

In running off to Afghanistan in such Psephologically-significant circumstances though, it can be pointed out abstractly that a terrorist in Afghanistan (or one in the UK in contact with them) knowing Psephology TOO, would assume Ainsworth/Brown WAS coming!

And so could attack Camp Bastion, Bagram Airbase and the UK Embassy in Kabul etc with rockets and mortars etc (places they could reasonably guess they would be).

Being MORE likely to have success due to those places then being CROWDED with guards/parades/VIP's etc for Ainsworth/Brown's visit!

i.e. Ainsworth/Brown of course normally keep such travel plans secret, with the idea of thwarting such terrorists - but IF following Psephology BY visiting, it COULD tip off the watching terrorist in advance anyway.

An intervention on that point of course THWARTS any terrorist who DOES happen to know Psephology - thereby PROTECTING National Security etc.

So highlighting the abstract danger is a move obviously in the public interest.
FFs Psephology, you gotta be a jorno, so f**k off, as you are setting a TREND
I predict Gordon Brown will be at 10 downing street sometime in the next few weeks. Do i get a prize? cnut!

Its Pigeon...

I would replace the word 'them' with 'that'.
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Shabba said:

I would replace the word 'them' with 'that'.
No,I can spell the word" them" ok,it's just pidgeons I have a problem with


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Well I seem to recall that in the Second World War, one of the least bright things Allied Intelligence did was to consult astrologers as to what Hitler's horoscope held and wonder if they could they predict his actions by it.

The OP's post seems to have about the same degree of rationality.....

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