Is this democracy?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Oct 21, 2006.

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  1. From an American blog but they seem to have many ideas in common with ours?
  2. Sad but true.
  3. Neither us or the USA live in a democracy, theirs is worse than ours, we have three ideas (main parties), though all very similar, and 60m people, they have two ideas and 300m people, so u either agree or disagree, that isnt democracy
  4. Aye though the alternative is having no alternative.

    Today my local village hosted a muster of Fife and Drum corps on the green. It was quintessential bucolic New England,
    vibrant Fall colours, gleaming white of the Congregational Church contrasting with a brilliant blue sky, light wind lending a chill to the air, though not so chill as to prevent me from riding my Harley to the event!

    The host Corps (they never refer to themselves as bands) played the National Anthem at the begining of the muster, everyone stood up, men removed hats, most sang, US flags were in abundance. Among the spectators were some Asian families, obviously Muslim judging by the women's attire. No one gave them a second glance, they were just another American family enjoying a New England tradition on a beautiful autumn morning.

    Also flapping discreetly in the morning breeze were political campaign posters, we have elections coming up in a few weeks time when we will, in all probability, vote out some incumbents and just as probably re-elect others. Some we elect will be against the war, some we decline to re-elect support the war and vice-versa. When all the votes have been cast and counted the American people will have made their sentiments known although some will not be happy with the result. Such is Democracy.
    Long may it continue.