Is this classed as career foul or not?

I have been in nearly 3 years and when i first got to my unit about 2 years ago i immediatly put in a transfer request, 6 months later they sent me to telic on an attachment to another unit ( other people were dying to go!), so i missed my course. now 2 years on and still at my unit and still a class 3 i am looking at at least another 6 months until i transfer. Is this career foul? What can i do about it? Replys would be grateful. Cheers!


March right into your CO. Never mind the RSM, it's none of his business. State your case and quote a few verses from Investors In People. When he realises that you mean business, he'll sit up and take notice. Drop a few hints that you've consulted with a lawyer as well. He'll know then that you're not bluffing.

Good Luck.
You should have highlighted this on your interim appraisals... Your SSM should have flagged it up. If it has been raised and no action has been taken, ask for an OCs Career interview and drop it on him. He must investigate
Where's your RCMO ? Where's your OC. Someone needs their knackers kicked - you cannot be denied a request to transfer and it is morally and professionally wrong of these people to fail you. Speak to them and remind them how long you have been waiting. If you have no joy (and are willing to upset all and sundry) you could go and speak to the RCMO from a different unit.


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The answer is in all of these posts, but not necessarily in the order they are presented.

The answer to your question is that you are being fouled in your career.

The way to sort it out is get an OC's interview, then ask why you are not loaded onto the course you require. If OC says he knows nothing about it, it means either he doesn't care (and then you MUST call MCM Div and ask for an employment tribunal) or he is sure that something will come along.

If you get either answer you must also state that you want an interview with the CO. They will try to feck you off. Go to the RSM, say to him as nice as pie, "Sir, as the senior serving soldier in this Regiment I ask your advice........" He will probably try and talk you out of transfering but stick to your guns and make sure you tell him that you asked your OC for a CO's interview and he has refused it.

Confusion will begin to form over what is happening to you. You will get an interview with the CO where you tell him what has happened, you have sought advice from MCM Div on how to get an employment tribunal and that you are looking at hiring a lawyer.

I wager you £10 that you will be transfered like a shot. But at a penalty......a report will follow you and because you have created enough pressure on the chain of command to transfer you they will probably label you as "a barrack room lawyer" or a "troublemaker".

No easy answers in this world, sorry, but that is the way it goes if you are in a unit that won't release people. (It is also the type of unit that "loses" soldiers NTT papers as well in a desperate bid to keep people in).

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