Is this Camoron's latest ruse to deny us a Referendum on EU membership?!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rmgbem, Sep 28, 2012.

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  1. Cameron is committed to the wholly undemocratic European Union and wholly committed to ending Britain's existence as a sovereign nation. Why? Because by delivering us to the European Union, hands tied and legs in shackles, he will assure himself of a gold-plated place at the platinum-plated trough into which he may dip his snout and guzzle a large, tax-free salary and unlimited expenses! He is a spineless traitor.
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  2. That interview disgraced a nation. He does not have to respect his own person, but he should respect the office he holds. As such do nothing to offend the dignity of the office and nation such as degrading himself on a foergin chat show. He is the head of bloody government FFS!

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  3. Mr Dave is just another out-of-touch member of that political elite who knows little, or cares less at what is going on a Street Level in UK society. As far as I see it, he is just a Blair Mark 2 clone espousing the dame dribbling lefty liberal bullsh*te that New Labour and the Limp Dicks peddle around about the EU.

    You get dribbling twerps such as Mi Lord Mandelson, dribbling on yet again that the UK will adopt the Euro within 10 years. The same for Mi Lord Paddy Pantsdown. The same pro-EU-SSR dribble. They are nothing but Cheer Leading Fifth Columnists doing the bidding of the Comedy Clowns (Kommie Kommizzars) in Brussel and Strasbourg. I am no supporter of either Liarbor, Limps-Dicks nor the current bunch of addled patted twerps (tw*ts) in the Tory-Conmen Party. I get the strong impression that none of the leadership of all three main parties give a flying sh*te what the electorate want. Certainly the stinking Marxist Tw*ts of New Labour under Blair, Brown, Mandelson et al, apparently (IMHO) didn't give a toss about issues such as 'Open Doors' immigration, crime, dumbing down of education and society - it was all in their plans to have a hands-out compliant, benefits dependent society.

    It will take a big man to take control of our political destiny, someone with the Political Cojones to do the right thing, and clear out Political Correctness once and for all. It will also take years to repair the financial, social, education and other damage committed by New Labour, and by Blue-Labour (dribbling Lefty Tory-Conmen and Limp-Dums), and their stinking, greedy Bankster pals and lawyer pals within the Umin Rites Industry.

    Perhaps I read the 'Daily Wail' and 'Daily Armageddon' to much. Perhaps I'm a tad too Victor Meldrew. But I'm just one person amongst many (so I believe), who jsut wants their country back from the dribbling, unelected Marxist Tw*ts in Brussels and Strasbourg of Le Pays De L'EU-SSR. (Merdes, Crapauds, Fangous et Manikin Pissoirs).

    [Honest... I am completely unbiased. But I need to take some more Meds before Nurse Olga does her rounds of the asylum].
  4. It may have escaped Camerons notice but Baroness.......? I forget her name signed the last lamentable piece of Euronaffness by proxy in Portugal by virtue of the fact that His Highness Gordon Broon didn't have the spine to sign it himself. This somewhat limits cameron's actions by virtue that Britain is bound by it. The simplest way is to secede from the Union and revert to EFTA status.
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  5. I wish (at least here in Current Affairs) people would pack it in with the 'Limp Dem's, 'Umin rites' and 'Camoron' references. Just use their proper names and stick to the point you're trying to make would you? It's bloody hard to make sense of it when it's written in a half language, it's almost as bad as text speak. I'm no spelling Nazi but it might make life a bit easier for you to write it as well as for us to read it.
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  7. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Cameron has a ruse? Wow. And here was me thinking he was a chinless posh boy who catapulted out of Eton straight into politics with the sole intention of being in politics and getting his chinless slack gob on the telly with his gurning bird at his side. Leveraged by the money he inherited from Daddy's hedge fund in the Caribbean.

    He has a ruse does he?

    If he ever has a policy, a direction, an original idea, an agenda, a random though or a set of bollocks, please do not hesitate to link me?
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  8. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes


    OP, please kill yourself.

    Thought we'd seen the end of this childish balls when the puerile 'Liarbore' last graced this forum.
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  9. No, certain members of the site still think it's witty and clever to use words like that.
  10. Cameron is mearly trying to quiet down the large Euro-sceptic portion of his party before the Tory party conference with the nebulous promise of a possible referendum. Like all the other political leaders he has no intention of keeping his promise if he gets a second term in power it will be one excuse after another, while the political elite of this country sell us down the river for a couple of pieces of silver.
  11. BarkingSpider, it was Arrse who penned the original saying BLIAR which was picked up by the Daily Torygraph and became synonymous with the lying two-faced weasely toe-rag that he is, and it aptly named him. So don't overdo the vitriol against those who see Cameron as a Ca-moron because it is humour, albeit on a low level. Live the dream, smell the coffee !!

    As for the original question, the Tories are losing popularity, labour have no hope in the next election and very few people in their right minds will vote for the Limp Dems. One suspects that despite his ranting and ravings and barking mad, the leader of UKIP paints a rather good alternative because he wants out of Europe, JUST LIKE THE MAJORITY OF US !!!
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  12. As in Tony BLIAR - A smug grinning war monger with a split personality and a preference for dictatorship and suppressing free speech.

    A sick and deluded 'dark side' puppet who reports into the universally hated world number 1 terrorist in Washington, who in turn report into satan. Bliar is the proud owner of a birthmark numbering of 665 (one below his buddy bush). Married to a greedy gurning elephant woman that survived a unfortunate mistake from a faulty genetic experiment.
    BLIAR freedom - blocking medicine and food from starving children, using weapons to commit mass genocide and then giving BP and Shell 'freedom' to steal oil.

    BLIAR scum - Tony, his gurning freak wife and their spawn, Living a rich life on facist blood money.

    BLIAR independent investigation - cover-up to ignore all facts and cover your lies with bigger lies. Usually using a corrupt freemason buddy to write a report of fiction in return for a knighthood.

    BLIAR buddies - Government ministers who are either paedophiles, freemasons, murders, fraudsters or thieves. Favorite buddies are all of the above and protected by national security 'gag' orders.

    Prime Minister of Britain. Often mis-spelt as Blair, the correct spelling is Bliar because he lies so much.

    From URBANDICTIONARY.COM not my words
  13. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    we could do with a referendum on whether to have a referendum then another referendum to decide if that referendum should be before or after the election.

    what ever though there should first be a ban on ALL EU interference and spending - if the pro EU lobby can't raise funds without dodgy brussels back handers then that should be a point enough. the EU is racking up huge debts hurling money on self promotion which it was never mandated to do.

    why anyone would lend money to an organisation which hasn't produced a set of accounts for over a decade is beyond me..