Is this better/lighter than a Jetboil/Primus/Peak/MSR ????

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by djf1982, Oct 26, 2008.

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  1. Us infantry types are often looking for ways to carry less weight (normally involves ditching mission essential kit in bushes)

    I think that this could be the future......
  2. They are light as a feather ast he seller points out...... until you add the fuel weight.

    They are basically the brass burners from a trangia (itself taken from a Arabian/desert design).
  3. Take five minutes to boil and probably weighs the same as hexi with fuel added in.... what is the advantage over (free) hexi then?

    Will it clean my mess tins for me?
  4. sell a titanium meths burner; as said above, resupply of meths could be a problem. I'm not a fan of hexi, but on ops it's hard to beat - if only it didn't make such a mess!!!
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    S0d that - Jetboil every time!
  6. Looks good but it'll be a bugger to get the fuel on Ops. Better off with one of these Clicky Linky burns just about anything. Incidentally cheaper at SASS but for some reason could only hyperlink to their home page. Of course there's hexy if you don't mind the mess!
  7. Why does the BRitish Army insist on using Hexi.

    Other armies supply meths for such use.
  8. Bought in bulk and not used up yet?
  9. for winners!!

  10. Meths stoves such as Trangias are fairly useless; the fuel takes ages to heat anything because it burns at such a low temperature. Alcohol stoves would probably have the same drawback.

    Decent fuel stoves pressurise the fuel; Primus, Coleman petrol stoves, gas cartridge stoves; this increases the heat. A little pot of alcohol simmering away will most likely be very slow and just as messy as hexy.

    Primus do some very good tiny gas stoves, but as mentioned hexy has to be the option for ops because you may not be able to get anything else. Just take a bar of soap and before you cook, wet it and wipe a thick layer onto your mug, mess tin, whatever. Soap is much easier to wash off than carbon.

    Jetboils look OK performance-wise, but by the time you've got that and a couple of cartridges into your kit that's a lot of space gone, and a long time spent sniper taping gas cylinders to stop them finding something metal in your bergen to rattle against. Have also heard rumours that the ceramic bits can break fairly easily?

    Once upon a time, if we weren't tactical, at night we'd light a decent-sized fire so everyone could get their feet dried. Sometimes we'd even be given some sausages as a treat. Happy days; there's no hope of the MOD guard service allowing that nowadays.
  11. Have used a Trangia burner for many a year, sometimes with the messing kit sometimes with a hexi stove with the middle cut out.

    5 minutes for 500ml of water to a rolling boil (as stted in the advert) is about right. Maybe a bit longer for boil in the bag.

    Messy? Nope. No mess. Esp if a tiny spot of water is added to the fuel (amounts normally given in the cooker instruction or on the yellow bag the trangia stove comes in).

    Added bonus. The fuel would be transportable as anyother liquid fuel. Is often available locally, and gives off little flame or light.

    I found the problem with the faster cookers is that admin goes down hill. 5 minutes or more is enough time to brush polish boots, brush teeth or chanbe scuds and socks. Any shorter and the bods just start fire watching!!!
  12. Add one vote for me for JetBoil - it's brilliant.
  13. What about at altitude though? Recall getting a flame about 3 ft high from a full epigas canister on the top of Snowdon one Spring.

    The fall down of the jetboil is the fuel. Same as the meths burner really.
  14. I've tried about every type of stove, in just about every part of the world. I've long since settled on pressurised petrol stove (eg Peak) if in potential survival situation due to weather, and/or at altitude (you can't even boil water with meths or gas over a certain elevation) otherwise Hexi for every other situation. I always carry Hexi as emergency back-up anyway - I think its unbeatable for compactness and efficiency.
  15. Whisperlight International

    end off

    (like my jet-boil too though)