Is this bench good to get?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Pete20, Sep 17, 2006.

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  1. I'm after a bench, seen one at argos that looks good and affordable...

    York 3 Station Heavy Duty Bench.

    It says "Heavy Duty", that sounds good. Now, before i go and hand over all they money, i'd like to see if anyone has any comments about it. Consider my budget, about £100 for a bench.

    Also after buying...

    York 5ft Chrome Spinlock Bar.


    York 4 x 5kg Cast Iron Weight Discs.

    ...and in a couple of weeks, or whenever i need the extra weight...

    York 2 x 10kg Cast Iron Weights.

    I already have 4 x 0.5kg, 4 x 1.25kg, 4 x 2.5kg discs from a dumbbell set i bought a few months ago. I heard the York spinlock collars are a pain in the arse and they keep untightening but surely a bit of blue-tac can sort that right? :lol:

    Quick replies by the way, Argos shuts at 16:00.
  2. Yea I bought virtually similar stuff a few years back when I was a teenager - the collars' untighten but it's a non-issue. Go for a cheaper bench if you want, perhaps one without the chest fly component (never used it myself, preferred dumbells) as my normal (non-heavy duty) bench was supporting 190-200kg without a problem (me + resistance).

    Purchase a dumbell set aswell (£20-25) with the money you save with a cheaper bench to add abit more variety to your "home" training.
  3. You wont use the flye attachments. Use dumb-bells for that exercise, as they're better for range of motion, stress on the chest and stabiliser muscle usage.

    Go for a cheaper bench IMOH. With the weights you've bought, you don't need a 'heavy duty' one.
  4. Well looking here you can see there is not much to choose from. I could go for the V-Fit one but that seems a bit too cheap, i want something that will last a few months at least. I could go for the 65 squid one i guess...

    I can always just rip off the fly attatchments though

    About the chest flies though, how come you say they are useless.

    Never used them before so i'm prolly talking sh1te but the seem good, using dumbbells the force is pushing down on my arms rather than with the fly things where the force is pushing my arms apart...

    edited to add that i've just found a bargain! or what looks like a bargain anyway...

    Reebok 50kg Chrome Barbell and Dumbbell Set.
    Costs the same as i was about to pay for a barbell and 20kg of weights, i get an extra 30kg and a spare set of dumbbells free, "in stock" at my local store too!

    Here's a question though, "2 part 25mm x 152cm bar with spin lock collars.
    ", what on earth is a 2 part bar? ...seems daft.
  5. Bin the lot Mate and just join a Gym,you'd be far better off joining a Gym than fannying about in your Bedroom with crappy weight's from a catologue...
  6. must admit pete that although your probably thinking the fly press looks good ive got one and its shite, the attachment to the bench is weak and so doesnt have nice fluid movement, honest mate it looks better than what it is.

    As for joining a gym, i have over the past 2 1/2 years built up my home weightlifting collection of equipment, and i have made good muscle gains etc using it, but since i have been going to the gym i have put on alot more muscle, this is probly cos at home by yourself you only push yourself until you think you might struggle getting the bar back on. but at the gym you push to exhaustion every workout because theres is someone to spot you or the benchpress barbell is on a rail.
    Tis a good idea get the cheapest bench possible believe they last a whole lot longer than a couple of months, and the fact the amount of weight your buying tis fcuk all compared to what heavy duty ones are designed for.
    The fact is i doubt you'll be benching more than 55kg anyway, whereas serious lifters can do there body weight and some.

  7. Agree entirely.

    If you're in a gym, you'll almost always have somebody to spot for you - I know H&S is a joke sometimes, but this is important when you have a V heavy bar near your neck.

    Also, the variety & quality of equipment, access to advice, & the change of scene from your home, make it worthwhile. Home weights are good as a back up, but for most people can't match membership of even a half decent gym.

    Good luck with your training.
  8. Absolutely correct, a change in scenery has made a big difference for me, and although it sounds a bit vain seeing yourself in the mirror whilst doing exercise pushes you a bit more.
    Pete 20, out of interest what are you training for? the army or just for personal dxevelopment etc.?
  9. If you are going to go for a gym try to pick on thats on the way home from work, that way it's harder to talk yourself out of going.

    Also, check the opening times. Mine opens at 0630 and closes at 2200. Great if something crops up in work or if you want to get a sesh in beforehand. :D
  10. so pete20 youve gone a bit quiet decided on gym or bench yet?