Is this Annakey?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by halomonkey, Feb 2, 2008.

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  1. So you weren't purposely looking for lesbians on the internet?
  2. Who me ?? Never? Tut perish the thought :twisted:
  3. Cold






    No $hit Sherlock.

    You may have seen from one of the links an interesting discussion on cyber-abuse. I enjoy the rough and tumble of well-managed sites such as ARRSE, and some NAFFI threads make me laugh out loud. Plus one shouldn't be too prissy about these things. But there are some right stinkers out there: cowards hiding behind their keyboards, injecting poison into cyberspace. It's good to give them a slap. The internet should be for everyone.

  4. Annakey try looking at the board again. The 'charity' links were not reference you but then I can see why you would think they were. It must be dark where you're reading from ;) Obviously you can't take a joke but I suppose I should've realised that from your track record on here. Bad, bad, bad me I must not pick on the humourless. :lol:

  5. ooh ooh a game.

    How about:

    you are in your 40's

    you attended Eton.

    you think you are a bit of a DJ

    am I warm?
  6. I saw those too Idrach but put up the gaydar one as I found it funny. :D
    Oddly enough the only other name, online at the time, that came up in the same search was dingerr. However as there was no pic it wasn't worth posting :D
  7. Almost anything - no, actually, anything - that is going to annoy annakey is worth posting :twisted:
  8. Idrach, mate. I feel most relaxed this fine Sunday morning. No outrage. No Sunday Mail in the house. No golf club house to have "lunchington" in, and rub elbows with red-faced UKIP blazeroons grumbling that females are now permitted entry. A lovely church up the hill which I could attend - but may give a miss - containing a gentle bearded vicar who said prayers for Saddam Hussein when the Yanks killed him. A Community Bobby on the beat nearby who believes - I know because I've asked him - that sometimes it's better to keep the peace as opposed to enforcing the law and that young black men and Muslims get a raw deal and why shouldn’t he fill in a sus form?

    And, to top it all, the knowledge, as I sip a delicious cup of fair trade coffee, that each these pleasing facts representing a decent British value (some going back to Magna Carta - as English as the sound of a Merlin engine) produce gloom in Idrach's unpatriotic bosom.

    All’s well with the world. :D
  9. I'd assumed they were teasing me and I had assumed they were a joke too as everyone knows I'm not a lesbian. I may be queer though as I am fond of cock.*

    *TIC response. Not an invitiation for people to PM pictures.
  10. more a Lenin than an Adolf, no more like Alexi Sayle. A "socialist" comedian. (Well you make me laugh)
  11. I'm particularly proud of "red-faced UKIP blazeroons"


  12. No, that's the "grey-crested orange-face.