Is this an Urban Myth?

I was talking to a bloke who did some technical work for a TV station in the Balkans on and off from the early to mid nineties, mainly in Bosnia. He's a very sound bloke, and not the sort to come up with tall stories for the sake of it. For example, when he came back from Afghanistan and I asked him how it was he just said, "boring." That type of guy.

Anyway, he told me this story:

When he was in Bosnia in the latter part of the conflict he was told by a British soldier (nfd) that it was rumoured that German businessmen were paying some of the Bosnian Serb militias big money to go "big game hunting" for people. They'd lead the guy up into an OP where there was a big shiny sniper rifle and they could pay to shoot at civilians in a village (again, nfd).

A few years later I heard a similar story from a colleague who'd been there, but he was of the view that it was probably an urban myth.

Personally, if it's true I think the German cops should find the sickos and lock them up, although now it would probably be impossible to prove.

So, is this one a big fat urban myth of the type that crop in after every conflict or do you reckon there's some truth in it?

I think Milos Stankovic (Para reg Officer of Serb parents) mentioned this in his book "Trusted Mole" (not bad) but he did not say if it was a myth. I think the idea was that they (German business men) would support the Croats as there are long links between the two.
Having lived in Germany a long time time,these sort of rumours fly around quite often;mostly started by a rag called BILD.The last time,in the late ´80s `German Businessmen`were hunting pygmies in South America!
German Businessmen are too busy fiddling the taxman to waste time at sniping parties;As said, the Germans supported Croatia,though the Serbs would sell their mothers to make a fast buck.

A plausible story, going around at the time, was of Serb guest workers,taking their holdays/spare time,in Sarajevo;Cold bloodedly murder children and then return to wait tables or wash dishes,back in Germany.
Apparently,quite a few didn´t return to work,especially after the Brits entered the Campaign.No tears here!
I don't think the Serbs would be too ready to entertain the Germans, more the Croats. The links are certainly stronger with the Croats given the reputation that the Hoss had with the SS during the WW2.
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