Is this an RLC or Ammo Tech / JNCO SNCO Officer forum?

IT really doesnt bother me but, it seem that there are a hell of a lot of ATs posting and replying to topics on this forum.

What bothers me is that there are hardly any posts/topics by drivers, yes I am a driver!!!!

Lets have no slagging of drivers for being thick because I know all you other trades are dieing to.

Is there any way we can have a show of hands, questionaire or poll or something to show what % of trades are represented on thhe RLC forum?.

My second part is about the spread of ranks that read and submit to the forum, what % of ranks are reading posting and submitting to the forum.?

My concern for this is because if the "big wigs" are taking notice of what is posted to this site are they not going to get a biased opinion if say its only officers that are posting topics etc.
So get amongst your mates and tell them that ARRSE is a fine manner in which they (the Junior rank Dvr 110s) can express views that they're not allowed to say on the veh park (Do we have veh parks now we have whole fleet management?)

If you look at posts that people leave people can work out (as you have) what people do. Not difficult to see I'm a SNCO AT.

Possibly the reason there are so few Dvr 110s on here is they're too busy on their endless tours :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Or the PC is bust from when they punched it :!:

Its a good, fun, useful resource and a can be a good laugh. Advertise its existance. I do. :)
Also, what is a Dvr 110?

A new boy (or girl) in the Dvr trade with a list of all they can drive?!?!?!
Glad to see other trades realise that us Dvr 110's get hammered for tours.

Drivers come in many forms as well as fat/thin short/tall male/shemale they also come as Dvr/Air despatch Dvr/ Rad Op Dvr/Tank Transporter dont as me what their individual numbers are as I dont know.

110 I think distinguishes between dvrs of other Corps RA R/Sigs etc.

Have been telling my mates about the site aswell so may get some more Dvrs posting topics soon.
FB is bang on the money -again. Get all your chaps and chapesses posting on here and us AT types won't seem to hog the board as much. There's only about 300 ATs in the corps, yet at least 30 post here. There must be around eleventy-twelve gillion drivers, suppliers and chefs, not to mention the smaller trades (pet op, phot, railway dudes, boat people etc) so it wouldn't be too difficult to outnumber us.

Whether you'd ever outwit us (or out gob-shiite us) is another matter! ;)
Same old same old JBB.

Get your mates to start posting on here. Everything you mention has been said before.

Keep up the good work though and don't be put off.

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