Is this an insult?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by jihad, Sep 7, 2004.

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  1. Esteemed members of ARRSE,

    One of your number has sent a message refering to me as a "hat".

    Rag head is an expression I'm very familiar with but is headwear in general considered a derogatory term?

    Am I to assume this is an insult? Enlightenment please
  2. naw then, that depends my old fruit :wink:
  3. Yes, along with "Allah is a shemale who likes the taste of Thai boys"
  4. Old fruit?????

    I have always found your exchanges hard to understand. I like to think my English is good but "British Military English" is almost a different language at times. Often I only begin understand a post by its replies.
  5. I bet you understand "Halt, Army, stop or I fire!"
  6. I like to think my English is good, and in fact proved it by getting a huge house at you expense for my hareem, cash hand outs by the bucket load and am also claiming no win compo for my teashop back home :evil: :twisted:
  7. That would depend on circumstances, for instance, if someone said you were wearing your underwear on your head, that also would be considered as a "hat"
    DoorBundle you been watchin too much comedy on the tele :lol: or have ya ?? :wink:
    Spike Milligan (quote) halt who goes there friend or foe
    Voice from the wings : foe
    Spike Milligan: Pass foe, but hope you can dodge the well aimed bullets!
  8. Mr Doorbundle,

    Of couse, that I understand, although it has never said to me.

    As for the taste of Thai boys, that is certainly an Arab trait, not a muslim one.

    Those of you who have been to the middle-east will appreciate that much of the vast amount of satelite pornography that is beemed into that region features anal sex, often between men, and not with a woman as God intended. Arabs are such hypocrates!!!
  9. eeezzz havin a larf! :? 8) :lol:
  10. hmmmmmmmmmmm.......i seem to remember an outstanding wind up by a so called redneck by one of our esteemed members 8O
    maybe this is in the same breath, either way its good for a laugh.
    anychance of any copies of the hole ploughing videos? :twisted:
  11. Or the Irish version..............Fire!, fcuk!, Stop!, fkcu!, damn!, I mean Army!......oh fcuk it! Sorry mate, are you alright?
  12. Who called him a hat?

    Ref middle east porno - I spent some time with a US CIMIC team up country in Iraq earlier this year and was stunned by the sheer number of satelite porno channels available - several hundred! Much of it was clearly intended for the arab market (i.e. arabic and farsi subtitles) and often featured brown collared workers undertaking a spot of up-hill gardening.

    The Italians at our site kept the TV in their mess room on porn 24/7 as it kept the Iraqis out of there (and thus reduced the thieving).
  13. Not guilty, although I did call him a raghead the other day.

  14. It's not me!! 8O
  15. if you have seen how ugly the Arab women are , im not suprised that they have covered them in black gear and did a spot of anal with Abdul next door :lol: