Is this an indication of Govt opinion

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Boots_OLead, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. Haven't seen any reference to this yet

    Telegraph article

    thoughts, spleen vents et al to follow as usual
  2. Wonder who it is?
  3. Wel if it's true as reported there will be some self-criticism and re-education.
  4. Rant on:

    Defence short £15 billion, NHS short billions , Education short billions, unemployment set to be worst level since 1900, riots forecast for the street of Britain this summer. The Country set to be in debt for generations (that’s 25-50 years), one more major bank in trouble yesterday not because they are bankrupt but because their profits are down to £6.5 Billon. Overall the Government a guaranteed just £100 million to help employment the whole thing is a joke the corrupt bank bosses will get more than that on bonuses.

    We should have let the banks go to the wall like they would have done with the rest of the country, if the roles had been reversed they would have repossessed everything in sight and raped the country for all they could get, when will we either privatise the ones we want to save or let them sink in their own filthy mess.

    Rant off
    Thats better
  5. Scouse accent on

    "Calm down, calm down"

    Scouse accent off :D
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    This government values the sectors of our economy, not by how much good those sectors do, how many they employ, or what service they provide to the nation . . . . the only measure is how much they fill the gobment coffers.

    If parking fines produced the most in tax revenue, the government would make everyone traffic wardens.
  7. The sad thing is that banking has a poor return for the tax £ as they have so many loop holes and special arrangements
  8. Time to lean on the writer of the report for the advisers name? I´d bet the "adviser" would find an excuse to leave UK for a bit.... sharpish.

    This whole "bail out" smacks of cronism anyway..... why are houses being repossessed by banks that have been bailed out by taxpayers?
  9. Yes it is strange how so many MPs go on to become “special” advisers or non executive directors of large financial organisations when the stop sitting about of their fat arrses in the House.
  10. (My bold) Yes, surely it is better for stability in society to keep people in their houses. And I seem to remember hearing that the plan was for the government to take over sub-prime mortgages that failed, and rent the houses to the defaulters until they could either start paying the motgage again, or decided to sell the house (with a proportion of the sale price going to the government). That way nobody would end up on the street, and the government would make a small profit. What happened to that idea?
  11. All that this Power Crazed Lunatic Government is interested in is finding as many ways as is possible to buy Labour Voters. The DWP's annual bill is gigantic and it's all dead money. They even extended the reach buy buying new Labour voters by the introduction of EMA into the colleges, something that is actually destroying the values of the college education system and is severely undermining the attitudes of todays youth by giving them a something-for-nothing mindset.