Is this all becoming hysterical?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fiona_TG, Jun 16, 2013.

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  1. So the stabbing in a Birmingham Mosque turns out to be a domestic dispute. Apparently those inside were arguing and a Somalian man pulled a big knife and it all kicked off. A nasty event for those on the receiving end and we can be thankful no-one died.

    Why though as the incident was unfolding were local councillors , MPs etc. (and no I don't have references but did hear so on the news) so ready to tell us this is a multi-faith community, that all were welcome to pray and worship, that everyone regardless of personal beliefs live in peace and harmony, that patrols were being stepped up etc. What did that have to do with anything?

    The next time some old Asian dear has say her purse nicked will we hear these same nuggets again (that is nuggets as in information, but then again).
  2. SLAP!

    There you go, now the hysteria's over
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  3. I take it the statement was meant to deflect any finger pointing at one group of people. The thing is it was about one group - muslims. No other group involved. When will politicians blinkers be taken off and when will they realise there is a 5th column in this country!!
  4. Because they assumed it was some Right-wing lunatic going postal. Plus they're shit scared because they've realised that multiculturalism is a monster **** up and will eventually come back and bite society on its arse Bosnia-stylee.
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  5. You saw the Swedish riots...?
  6. I know many people from different cultures/races etc.. had a problem with very little of them. In fact, I embrace multiculturalism. It broadens us all.

    I do, however, agree with you on your point. It comes down to scale. And it all kicks off with 'us and them' mentality. It's just 'us' no matter where you come from but that seems not to happen in practice.

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  7. From the Telegraph Three men and police officer stabbed at mosque - Telegraph "Officers are conducting patrols in the area in a bid to reassure local people"

    It was one bloke and he has been detained, are the Police then thinking that perhaps there are more knife wielding maniacs in the area that the local populace need protecting against? Does this mean the next time there is a single assault by one lone person in the area I live I can expect lots of Police patrols to reassure me?
  8. No. It's knee-jerk bullshit coz da bruvvers are involved. Nothing more.

    Me too, and even they're sick to the back teeth. Nigerian feller I work with: 'I came to Britain to escape from Nigeria. It's seems to have followed me.'

    As long as we have sufficient quantities of knuckle-dragging territorial gibbon in our DNA it's Situation Normal. No disrespect to knuckle-dragging territorials.
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  9. Well,maybes it could of ended peacefully if someone had offered to get the bacon sarnies in.
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  10. As Buckfelize points out, the politicians are desperately trying to keep the lid on a potential race war in the UK, especially after the Woolwich murder.
  11. Print/report first, investigate later

    When did all the real Journalists die out
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  12. Can I have whatever you are smoking please?
  13. "It's not a hate crime."

    If I reached the stage where I was pulling out a large knife with the intention of inserting it into another human being there is a high probability that I hate the person I am trying to turn into a human knife rack. Or can a crime of hate only exist when someone is of a different colour/religion.
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  14. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Have you checked under your bed for the Reds? Bet they're still there just waiting.
  15. Fixed it for ya :thumright: