IS this against regulations should heads Roll

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by deedeedee, Apr 21, 2009.

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  1. Hello i am new to this site not sure either how things work .
    But i first of all want to say a big hello to you all Hi My name is Dee .
    I was told to leave my Army quarter .
    My problem came after he left many times I asked if he would sign the married army quarter over to me and he refused The welfare office said that they could not force him to do so even though they gave him a room in the barracks they did how ever ask him to ..
    He lived in the barracks for a year with out handing over the married quarter too me .
    He was not made to sign for F1700 he was not made to do any thing as far as i no .
    I was unable to sort out council housing at first but i t am on the list now as I didt have any reason for them to house me as they put it i was in a secure home for the time being .
    Well any way the regiment was due to be posted and I received a letter with out it even being in a envelope addressed to me through a third part from the regiments Welfare office telling me I had to vacate the army quarter by such and such a date .
    up to this time they refused to enter in to conversation with me about this they told me i was no longer there problem basicly and discussions did not take place and it is my husbands welfare that is paramount .
    I panicked but because of the letter i was still unable to get housed but i did however get help with Private accommodation.
    which i am due to lose soon and might be homeless with my children .
    Being old skool and very stupid i believed I took this letter as gospel and as i said moved out but now I am being told that the welfare office had no right to as me to leave and it wast there call am i correct in what i am hearing apparently I should have been evicted and not by my husbands regiment either but by a Housing officer from the DHE is this true .
    We were based in the uk .
    My husband kept the army quarter and i have since been told he has now given it up months after I was told to leave by the regiment .
    What should i be doing about what has happened to me because I dont think it was fair and I really cant bear the thought that a unit welfare office can just ask you to leave your married quarter surely this is not what should happen if a marriage breaks down

    I am sorry that this post is a bit long winded and thank you for reading please could some one please give me some feed back as to what i can do to stop it happening to some one else i am due to be homeless again soon all because I didt no any differant but to trust what i was being told by the welfare office that i thought would no what they were doing .
  2. The Army quarter is controlled by DHE not by the Regiment, that said you should have seen it coming a long time ago and it all sounds very suspicious as you never mention your then or current marital status or any form of divorce proceedings....

    Any Unit I have served with would only allow the soldier a room if he was having immediate problems. They would be pushing for him to resolve these things ASAP....

    If your divorced, then the most you can do is write a letter to your MP and copy a letter to teh Unit's Commanding Officer so he knows he has a load of shite coming his way.... If your still the wife then contact the Army Welfare Service and/or the Army Families Association.

    First thing you should do is turn the hob off and take the bunny out of the pot....
  3. Your question is one which whilst obviously not unique is not all that common. Precise details can be critical in matters such as this and really the ARRSE community is not the right place for this type of question as your own circumstances will inevitably differ from those of other users who have been in similar situations. The experience of others you receive on here may not be relevant to your situation.

    Try contacting your local citizens advice bureau for advice, they will be able to point you in the right direction if nothing else.
  4. Thank you for your replies and yes i am still married.
    I am have no bunnies boiling in the pot as the first person commented that first thing I did was turn the gas off ,
    All i am doing is trying to gther information as I have found that ranks have closed ariund me and I am in an awful predicament .
    CAB have not been too help full as they said the ARMY is a big firm so i was just hoping that I could get more info as to what should of happened what didt happen and how I can sort out this mess .
    Thank you once again
  5. As people have said without knowing exact circumstances it is very difficult to give you any constructive advice, it may be worth having a word with the army families federation - you are still an army family!!! - try this link:


  6. Might this have something to do with you being a non-british national?
  7. no I am british born and bred my race has nothing to do with it at least i hope it doest .
  8. deedeedee,

    have you contacted the AFF yet or Army Welfare Service? Or are we just going to see more posts on here saying how unfair things are?
    The only person who can improve your situation and your childrens, is you.

    So get emailing or phoning
  9. Hello Dee,
    First off DONT panic you can not be evicted as long as you fall into the guidelines below:

    So, Hopefully i can help a little more, first off the Unit is completely in the Wrong, when your then husband informed his unit of him moving back into the block he would of been given at least 1 months notice before anything formaly would of happened.

    Then once it had been confirmed and he "Officially" changed his P/Stat (new name 1700) a copy should of been sent to the families office which would in turn of made them contact the DHE. The DHE would then of sent you a letter giving you 93 days to move out.

    IF you are unable to to be re-housed by the local Authority of YOUR choosing then you become what is called an irregular occupant of the SFA, and would pay rent yourself and not your husband. There is no deadline set for you to be evicted, as long as you can prove you have been placed onto the housing list.

    If you have never been made aware of the 93 day rule then your husband should still be paying for the SFA, until you have recieved the OFFICIAL notice of 93 days.

    Some helpful points:
    1. I would suggest if you have not already done so contact the local authority you want to be housed with and ask to be placed on the list for a house.

    2. Speak to the Unit Welfare Officer, if no joy or you feel uncomfortable speak to Army Welfare Service or AFF who will liaision between you and the unit.


    Legal Part now says be being sued
    All the above only counts if you have told the full truth, and I can't be held responisble for helping if not all the truth is disclosed by yourself
  10. Thats a bit harsh she asked for some basic advice and somewhere to start off from, and if she had been recieving no help from the UWO then how would she know where to start???? and posting for the first time on here and trying to remember everything that is relevant aswell is not that easy.
  11. I see where you are coming from!!! Lots of bad england!
  12. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Marty gives some good advice there.
    Might seem harsh but without the 93 day notice to quit the Local Authority will not look at you for housing but don't despare, I know if no instance where the ballifs have turned a wife out onto the street. The MOD could not afford the bad publicity.
    Have you contacted your local SSAFA?
    If you wish PM me & will give you their contact details.
  13. If you read the first post you will see that she moved out of the quarter some time ago.
  14. Hello
    I just want to say that you have been treated badly by the Unit and the Army.
    In the event of a marrige breakup there is a cooling off period which can last upto 93 depending on the CO.

    After that if the breakup is still going to happen then the head of house changes his/her married status and will normaly move into camp.

    At that stage the partner is served 93 days notice to vacate the MQ, during that period the head of house still pays the rent.

    After that 93 period the spouse then become an IO

    The UWO cannot kick you out of a MQ.

    All info can be found in JSP 464 and AGAIs Vol 4 Ch 82
  15. Marty,

    Deedee seemed more interested in saying she wasn't from foreign lands than she was to say that she had attempted to contact AFF or other agencies.
    I was being Harsh as she didn't seem to be in all that much of a hurry. If your life and your childrens was going to pot, wouldn't you jump all over any lifelines you were thrown?

    Count... Not everyone has an English Degree... Or A level....Or.....