Is this acceptable?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by nel88, Apr 24, 2009.

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  1. Hi,
    Just did pre selection today just rough idea im 5ft 10, 21 years old and weigh 13.5 stone. I only did 3 heaves, passed the jerry can carry with ease, did 53 sit ups and then did the 1.5 mile run with the 800 meter warm up in 11 minutes bang on. First and foremost room for improvement I know but considering I only got sent on pre selection 2 weeks after handing the application form in and before my barb test I don't think thats a bad point to start at. Anyway what got me was their were blokes that were doing the mile and a half that came in before and after me that were stopping 3 maybe 4 times 8O during the run occasionally dead stop right in front of other individuals :x , now I know everyone starts somewhere but surely this shouldn't be allowed? I heard and have seen from others threads that if you are to stop then this is an instant fail? views on this please.
  2. yes at selection you will fail striaght away if you stop on your 1.5mile run
    even walk.

    you have to jog all the way through , a slow jog is ok
  3. Fcuk me! It never ceases(sp?) to amaze me how unprepared people are when they go to things like army selection, it's only 1.5miles anyone and I mean anyone should be able to run the whole way at a decent pace. And you'd think wouldn't you, that if you wanted to join the army you'd do a bit of training!
    Tbh I'm glad they've failed, I wouldn't want anyone fighting alongside me who can't run for 1.5 miles!

    Sorry, I'm not in a good mood, I've just been ranting about fatties so I'm in rant mode!
  4. At Pre-Selection your are allowed to stop because usually there is not enough staff to watch you all the way around the course.

    At Selection, there is ADSO scattered over the course and a few NCO's usually including PTI's. I did not stop but w/e. As the Corporal told me, 'Stopping, shows lack of determination and motivation to push forward'. So at selection, you are not allowed to stop at anytime!
  5. Are you sure? Although it was a fair while ago that I did R.S.C. (I know its called something else now), I do remember people walking and still passing. Do you work in the recruit selection side of life?
  6. A PTI ran at the back and he told us if you go behind him it would be a failure run, 'time wise'. However no-one stopped around me on the run. I guess if you stopped once you would get a warning or something, but with Officers who will be judging you at your interview, I do not think many people want to stop.

    Also its still called R.S.C on all the big posters at the ADSC I went to, but it says ADSC on my certificate!
  7. Thats what I thought, I understand some can't and wont be spotted for their lack of grit due to the lack of staff but I mean a bit of personal pride wouldn't go a miss for example I started my program five weeks ago no gym just running, bodyweight exercises etc and my mile and a half back then was 16minutes 25 as you can see today it was 11 minutes. My goal which I will achieve by the 8th week of my plan is 9.45 1.5 mile run, 5 heaves, 55 press ups and 70 sit ups, but yeah I mean I got extra :x when they were getting in the way of other gritters and then once they have got there breath back sprint past :roll: lol the cheek
    rant over lol sorry guys bit of venting I guess
  8. Soometimes it seems like a number game, Someone on my selection stopped, and run it over 14 minutes and still passed.
  9. I just don't understand how they can be stopping that many times with the aim of joining the british army. Also if it is true and these guys are passing ADSC then before they start basic would they really put in the effort to make sure they could run the whole 1.5 mile run?
  10. Did you ask the DS what the score is? If not, why not? If you really feel so strongly about this you should have said something at the time and been given the DS answer.
    As for people stopping in front of others, unfortunately humans dont have red lights on the rear to show when they are stopping, nor are they required to watch out for people behind them. Lesson to be learned, don't run so close up the heels of other people that you can't avoid them if they stop. :wink:
    That said, the lazy b*strds should get some training in!
  11. I did ask and the reply I got was "as long as they get the time required then it doesn't matter if they stop". Then their are numerous other threads on here saying that they arn't allowed to stop because they would fail. t Also they wouldn't need red lights on ther arse's if once they stopped the first time they were failed. But it's as one of the other lads have said ther arn't enough instructor's to go around making sure everyone is given 100%, and before you think im being biased on the lads the one's that I spoke to were past their second interview with their selection dates.
  12. At 21 years old, you should be at least pushing the 9 minute mark... 3 heaves is fairly pathetic!

    If you arrive at your first unit in this condition... expect a thorough thrashing for a good few months until you sort yourself out.
  13. Being unable to run 1.5 miles without stopping is ridic. Anyone that does should really reconsider if the army is for them. That being said Ive seen people pass selection with 14+ run times and even stopping. Which leads me to think it's a number game.
  14. Im well aware what I need to get and rest assured ConeheedsBaah that if I reach basic being that my medical goes through I will make sure that im giving 100% at a respective level of fitness for not only self pride but like you said so I don't become the regimental/corp BIFF, the lads I saw today are either going to selection or off to basic, and Im not to worried about the heaves because their were numerous individuals their who didn't even do 1. Also I have even at a push through the whole process at least 2 months to get better, that's plenty of time for a good base level of fitness.
    ConeheedsBaah do you find alot of lads coming through to your corp/regiment inadequately equiped to cope with phys?
  15. So, do we conclude or have we evidence that you can or cant stop on the 1.5 miler?