Is This A Walt?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Markintime, Apr 5, 2011.

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  1. I was taking a stroll through the local park today and there was this guy stood by some bushes in Army uniform. A few people had stopped to talk to him and the somewhat older woman he was with. He kept telling them he was a crackshot and killed lots of 'bad' men. I don't know, a lot of what he said didn't stack up but I couldn't be sure and didn't want to cause a ruck if this guy was genuine.
    Knowing that the ARRSE collective can sniff out a walt in a moment I managed to get a picture of him. Does anyone know this guy? Is he genuine or just another Walt? If he is a Walt what should we do? Who's up for paying him a visit and 'politely' telling him he's been rumbled and to pipe down before he gets himself into serious shit.
    Here's the guy - Walt or Not?
  2. I say walt as "he" looks very much "she" to me. The rest adds up so we have our first GI Jane special forces wonder kid walting as a Tom-Para-commando-them-taps-nose-cant-say-too-much. I blame the man orientated media for forcing a female heroine into walting as a bloke.
  3. Start them young, less chance of fuck ups later on!
  4. If he/she is pukka gen then THEY will be on to you for that heinous breach of PERSEC. No doubt THEY are running low on black nasty and thus our steely eyed dealer of Percy Pigs was diffy due to stocks having to be ordered from THEM.

    All you're going to hear is phutt-phutt, better get your will squared away now. I'll have your motor pleasethankyouverymuch.
  5. I say we string him up and beat him like a piñata till lucky charms fall out. Might need some help though he is packing the 27 yard stare.
  6. Was the 'older' woman a certain Junior NCO (could be Cpl or LCpl) with a scar on her chest?
  7. Yes but can we be sure, I don't want to go rushing in to find I've made a dreadful mistake, he might even turn nasty.
  8. Discarded their weapon, trainers and clearly hasn't shaved. French Infantry?
  9. I think you can see what kind of skills this man is packing. On the left hand picture he is about to break out the right handed Korean dolphin snapping Jew Goose neck grip.

    That Stephen Hawkings used to be a speed walker until he walked into one of those. Never argue with that boy about rusks.
  10. Careful, I think that may be the bloke who was 3rd through the window at the Embassy Siege.
  11. Or Royal Logistics?
  12. The picture of the guy belongs to an event hosted in August last year. Walting up a stroll through the local park, I see. :)
  13. Has anyone got the bottle to ask about the boat house doors? That stance screams DEATH!!!
  14. Fixed, free of charge.
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  15. While we're on the subject of Walts, I have my doubts about this person too.