Is this a WAH?



I fcuking love this, well done Tony Cregan, give that man a medal and a pint. Corporate types and lawyers outwitted, it just doesn't come better. HMV should have managed their business to reflect changing times and the brutal climate out there. What the controllers did was destroy a perfectly good brand with a bit of decent history. Shop staff aren't the brightest of people either, but they're also increasingly ignorant and "important" in the big stores, wherever you go. Once a fan of the High Street, I look forward to the return of the small trader and the end of snotty little fcukwits too big for their winklepickers and walkie talkies in chain stores.
I agree with you Tremaine. There are a few businesses which I believe will lose the interest of big multinationals as the profits become, what they would consider as, piffling. But piffling in big business terms would be a very nice living for a small family concern.
Well done that man. When they went down the tubes, my 13 year old, who had been saving up record tokens there, wanted HMV to stand for "Honour My Voucher". An early lesson for the lad in promises to pay not being honoured.

i may have mentioned it in one of the Syria threads, but when KFC set up in Damascus in the 90s they had the sign over the window in KFC corporate letters reading "Kuwaiti Food Company". It fooled no-one.
Nice to see someone showing a little iniciative and sticking two fingers up to the corporate knob heads.
If HMV are no longer operating there and his sign was different colours to HMV and in a different order, I fail to see how he was causing HMV any problems.
Good on him for getting around the issue without having to fork out for a costly court case and possible damages etc.
It's about time these big compaines learned they don't own everything they think they do/should.
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