Is this a scam?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by devilish, Apr 14, 2008.

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    My daughter asked me to check this out for her and to be perfectly honest, it looks a little dodgy.

    After registering the invite code the site begins to ask some wierd questions, such as your address and any addresses in the last 12 months, mothers maiden name, passport number, driving licence number etc.

    *Tin foil hat firmly on*
    I'm pretty sure that just to give you free texts and calls that there is no need for all that rather personal info, is it a scam?
  2. i cant imagine the reception would be very good ....
  3. Steer clear. Sounds like identity theft to me.
  4. Sounds best avoided, a few free phone calls in return for being blitzed with unwanted advertising certainly wouldn't appeal to me. Still in not in the 16-24 year old "crucial market" ("crucial" presumingly meaning "vulnerable and naive")
  5. oldbaldy

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  6. So not a scam it would seem, but why the requirement to give passport info, driving licence info, mother's maiden name, previous addresses etc?

    That sort of info would be very useful to the less than scrupulious companies and, dare I say, criminals out there.
  7. Passport number?! 8O If it's raised suspicions on yourself AND your daughter, I'd say that would be enough to steer clear.
    But well done to her for not being that naive to ignore the smell of possible bs though.
  8. With all this informatiopn they can "sell" your profile to the advertisers and tailor the adverts that are likely to get a response. i.e. your daughter to part with her/your money.
    I'd steer well clear if only to avoid the tons of junk mail you will suddenly receive.
  9. Of course you could always use false information say if somebody had p1ssed you off recently