Is this a new US Digital Cam?


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I followed a link to a story about the US Army in AFG. I ended up looking at a Washington Post Gallery with some interesting photos of US Army soldiers in something that looks like a German Digital Cam pattern.

The Post won't let me copy the photos so you'll have to follow the link: Battling Afghan insurgency means reassessing the enemy and fight through the annoying advert.

I know the US Army has been using multicam are they trying other stuff as well?
Here are some of the pics, courtesy of NoScript btw;

It's called UCP-D.

It lost out in the competition against Multicam for Afghan use, but personally, I like it. First time I saw it in real life, I thought they were just really dirty and muddy ACUs.

Hmm, nice camo, but I wonder what rifle the soldier is using in OJG's first photie. It looks a bit like a heavily bastardised M21. Am I right?

It's UCP-Delta it was a trail patain before mc was chosen. TamH70 the wepon your talking about is a M14 EBR.
One of the test patterns which lost to Multicam.

The Rifle is an M14EBR using the Sage International stock. A fairly heavy chassis by the way.

Better view:

Ooh thank ye sai. I thought it was something similar to the old Garand, and was leaning more towards it being an M21 as it is the newer sexier version,(supposedly) of the M14. Which was a newer, sexier version of the Garand, in 7.62mm rather than 30.06 if I recall correctly?

Really, it isnt even an M21 which has a NM barrel, gas cylinder modification and other Mods. Its a 1963 rack grade M14 bolted into a EBR stock. The stock itself is a CNC Milled block of solid T6 Aluminum. So many M14's have been issued out that Smith Enterprises was recently given a contract to start producing M14 (Not M1A) recievers, the first real M14 Production since JFK was President.

M14 was obviously not as good a rifle as the M1 Garand it derived from. There were so many problems with M14 production, accuracy, acceptance trials, due to Winchester, Harrington & Richardson not staying within specs. TRW M14's are always the best to have after Springfield Armory manufactured ones.
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