Is this a new brand of honest politician?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tekirdag, Nov 25, 2009.

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  1. Here are some extracts from the European Parliament that you may not have heard about. The UK media concentrate on Westminster, and yet it is here, in this EU parliament, where your lives are governed. It is the EU that makes most of UK law, not Westminster. So who, in this EU parliament, will stand up for the common people?

    How about Nigel Farage MEP, that often lampooned drunkard of the 'I-am-not-sure-what-they-stand-for' party. Will he defend us from EU tyrrany?

    Mr Farage against EU anti-democracy:

    Mr Farage on EU corruption.

    Mr Farage holds Sarkozy to account:

    And how about Mr Griffin MEP, the leader of 'the-UK-party-that-cannot-be-mentioned' - what can he do for us? Will he stand up and mention the unmentionable? Tell the citizens of Europe that there happens to be an elephant in the room?

    How about Global Warming being a political fraud:

    Or that Europe should be allies of Russia rather than Turkey.

    As Mr Farage says: an EU parliament without an effective opposition is a tyranny, not a democracy.

  2. Yes. The Mr. Farage who openly admits using £2m of expenses (some of which may have been against the even lax rules of the European Parliament)

    Nick Griffin. A man so clinically insane he is even too right wing for the Daily Wail? A man who was caught out in so many lies on national TV that he made pinocchio look a good bet?
    (Bugger - my internet thingy wont let me post the link, somewhat spoiling my quick, pithy and clever put down)

    Yes - honest politicians indeed.

    a new political class is needed one made up of er.... honesty and democracy

    Not things that are implicit within the unelected EU-Commission.

    I shall be voting UKIP I think.
    We can better get a grip on British politics, but have NO WAY of controlling EU Commission politics.

    What we need is politicians are supposed to be placed in office by popular vote. NOT by IMPOSITION, they are supposed to work for us! NOT us work for THEM....

    It's all going tits up with the EU Commission creation. I want NO part in it's political games to take away my democratic freedoms and independence to chose who represents ME.

    Choices I see are:

    EU-PACT parties of:
    Plaid Cymru

    Conservatives got us into this mess with Heath
    and Labour have just "Hammered" it home! they are both complicit in my view

    or British Parties such as
    English Democrates

    But I see UKIP as the only Nationwide British party with a large enough ground base to make a difference.

    Some pro-EU have you believe that UKIP is made up of mostly conservative defectors when in fact: They actually cover all the center ground what ever political party they used to support.

    From political betting:
    "How less than one in five are ex-Tory voters
    This is the first part of some analysis I’ve been doing on the rise of “others” - UKIP, the BNP and the Greens - and the impact that they might have at the next general election.

    A big question to start with is where is UKIP support coming from? What can we find out from the polling data?

    The following numbers are based on the aggregation of all the relevant data from ComRes polls since the firm changed its methodology at the end of June. A total of eight separate surveys were involved from which I have tried to determine the former voting behaviour of all those who’ve told ComRes that they plan to vote UKIP at the next general election.

    This is the outcome which has proved to be something of a surprise:-

    What did UKIP voters do at the 2005 general election?:-
    19.63% said they voted Conservative
    19.63% said they voted Labour
    7.01% said they voted Lib Dem
    20.09 said they voted for another party (I assume UKIP)
    The rest did not remember or did not vote.

    These numbers suggest that the widely stated view that most of UKIP’s support comes from ex-Tories is simply wrong. Labour is seeing the precisely the same seepage".

    "an Independent British Democracy choosing our own path and destiny, we have for thousands of years and guess what? we're still here and still free, until December 1st when Lisbon becomes law and we surrender our democracy to the unelected EU Commission.

    This is why I am thinking uKIP
  4. Not thatI'm particularly a fan of eitherofthesemuppets Bazz, but what makes them any different to the rest of the corrupt scum we have in politics?
    So Griffin is a liar? Hardly makes him unique in politics does it?
    Farage costs us a bundle in expenses, again hardly groundshaking news about one of our politicians is it?

    As for dismissing them as not honest........
    Well we have hundreds more scum of a similar ilk gracing Parliament and Brussels don't we?
  5. Yes. Rather my point. But it therefore knocks the sh1t out of the claim that they are a "new" brand. See what I did there? Do you? Yes? See it now?
  6. Scoodish, you've had a pm in your inbox since yesterday.

  7. Fair point

    Clever cnut :D
  8. Stop it.

    You are making me blush :oops:

  9. Repremanded? That was no repremand, that was a fine speech pointing out that the EU has appointed two non-entities to lead them.

    Indeed the new EU High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy (Baroness someone-or-other) was the formerly the treasurer for CND who took bribes and cash from the USSR to undermine and destroy Britain. Can you imagine such a person protecting a pet gerbil, let alone the 500 million citizens of the EU??

    Listen to that Youtube again - Farage makes some very good points that you WILL NOT HEAR on the BBC nor will you read them in most UK newspapers. Like him or loathe him, Farage is doing a good job in holding the EU to account.

  10. I have not heard the Griffolump utter anything which could be considered right wing. Market forces, economic competitiveness, low taxation, strong defence, personal responsibility - nothing!

    I've heard lots of ramblings about immigrants, repatriation and a phobia about Islam and darkies in general. Most of his policies (!?) are focussed on populism and have a distinctly socialist agenda. It is unlikely that right wing policies are going to appeal to his target audience of working class, low income voters of limited thinking power. (please note Ashie Sven and others that I am not implying all or even most of aforementioned class have the low intellect - just the likely recruits to the BNP)
  11. Anti-EU MEPs might have more credibility if they refused to draw their MEP's salary or claim any MEP's expenses. Instead, they seem content to enjoy the remuneration that they have built their political careers upon condemning.

  12. But that was always the Roman way, was it not?

    Instead of killing Caracatus of the Britons, you drag him kicking and screaming to Rome - where you give him every luxury he could of dreamed of, and several he could not have imagined. After five years of such torture, you allow him to return to Britain as a disciple of Rome. Simple really - works every time.

    Actually, I am pro-European, but Europe will only succeed if it is democratic and held to account. A Europe that has not filed account for 15 years will never survive, long term.

    That is why Farage and Griffin are so important to Europe, although they may not realise it. A European parliament without an opposition and a conscience will become a despotic tyranny.

  13. except they weren't dragged to brussles kicking and screaming. they stood for election and were voted into position by the people of britain. "protest votes" apparently