Is this a Joke?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Over4MeNow, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. I have only just joined the Arrse community and being ex-Corps (of 22 yrs svce) can somebody please tell me if this is a laugh? (I mean the Int Corps socks). Note price and their version of the Corps tie is £35.00!!! I suppose this has been on another thread from way back but you never know.


    And could some kind soul please help me on the site to:

    Swear properly
    Insert poppies into normal avatar without changing it
    Do all the other clever things I have seen on this site after several years lurking.

    PM or public humiliation whatever turns you on. Remember we all started somewhere.

    You might have guessed already that me and Bill Gates are worlds apart both financially and in computer geekery.

    Cheers fellow Intelligenciers past and present.

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  2. they sound like admirable goals indeed.

    for swearing - click in the middle of your swear word, then click bold on and bold off. e.g. f u [ b ] [ / b ] c k but without the spaces.

    avatars - people usually do it on photoshop or paint, only way i know how to.

    as for "clever things" - better ask someone else. fucked if I know :)

    welcome aboard, PM if you want.
  3. Int Corps socks?! Sheer ecstacy.

    I'm still waiting on a quote for a pair of slippers!
  4. Seen them in the ICA catalogue, along with Int Corps shoelaces, bow ties, cravats, optic measures, pint glasses, rugby balls, hairspray and condoms!

    Now fuck off!
  5. Why are you so angry? Has CR been ignoring you for the last 6 months?
  6. No, I have had a couple of encounters...
  7. I cannot believe I have just seen socks on this site...what next .....corps grundies...Regt g strings.....
  8. Try here, some very useful stuff: The ARRSE "how do I do stuff"

    Enjoy and welcome to the madhouse :D
  9. 2 things here:

    Northern Warrior - Thank you.

    G2LB - Why? I think I've got as much right to be on this particular thread as you, if not more. When you've done your bit then fine until then just hold it.
  10. You quite havent got the hang of being on Arrse as of yet, have you. :roll:
  11. Probably not Scarletto. Thanks for the advice.
  12. Don't take it personally, G2 can be an abrasive cnut at the best of times. :wink:
  13. Regimental G-Strings? That is just the sort of tacky, cringe-making item that is sadly missing from the ICA catalogue these days.

    If someone finds them for sale anywhere, please give me a shout. I could wear them for work. With a pair of low cut trousers to show off my arrse cleavage.

  14. I know why he was so angry at the time.

    i was hammering him on two other threads he's my bitch and I was playing with him. He was taking it all personally and getting in a strop.
  15. You could always purchase one of these fetching thongs, available in extra large from the arrse online shop :wink: