Is this a good training program for getting fit for joining the British army?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ben1994, Sep 9, 2012.

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  1. ok well im joining the army and want to know if this a good fitness training regime for the army and if there is anything i can do to improve it

    monday - weight(strength training full body) and possible 6 a side footy for 1 hour

    tuesday - 3.5 mile run

    wednesday - running club up to 6 miles max, boxing in evening full body circuit and 2 mile run

    thursday - 3.5 mile run

    friday - weights(endurance training full body)

    saturday - rest

    sunday - 5.5 mile run

    just want to say my run time last time i checked was 9:41 for 1.5 miles and pullups are 15 (full extension) my press ups are 62 and sit ups are 77 but my feet were unsupported.
    i just want to know is there any changes or something else i can do to help me be ready for the army im about 10 to 12 months before i go in cos i need to finish college

    much thanks ben
  2. Sounds great. Keep it up, don't get bored, don't get injured ( vary your routines).

    Good luck.

  3. Personally i would chuck a swim or two in there as recovery.
  4. ok cool um any idea when i should do a swim in my workout?
    and are my fitness standards at a very good level for the armoured i dont just wanna pass i wanna do really well
  5. Here you go...
  6. Sounds good but you might be at risk off overtraining and possibly injuring yourself.

    Also try and do some speed work, such as breaking the 1.5 mile into 4 sections and aiming to run each as fast as you can.
  7. Looks fine to me. I assume the running club will vary the training? As chode mentioned some interval training would be advantageous. Aim to get the 1.5 down to a respectable 9min, you have a year to do it so should be no problem.

    Also, a planned easy week every 6 weeks or so is better than an enforced 2-3 weeks off due to injury.
  8. ok thanks for the advice i will try to do some speed sessions (im dreading) and tone it down every now and then. thanks guys