is this a good time?????

when i 1st went to attempt my 1.5mile run, i didnt check the length of the route and just thougth it was 1,5miles.....anyway i ran it and my time was 24mins exactly..which confused me quite a i asked 1 of my friends how long the course was,and he told me 2.8miles lol

so my question 24mins for 2.8miles a good time lol???

roughly 12 mins for 1.5 miles.

there are guys on here who will expect you to do it in 5mins, with a full bergan towing a landrover.........

keep going.


It may be 12 mins for 1.5, but what about the extra fatigue from the extra distance. I dont think its as bad as it sounds :p
You could also have used a calculator, to divide time by distance.

=8.32 mins mile. Bung another half mile on top of that (4.16) = 12.48 for a 1.5 mile run.

If your going to be a soldier mate, time to engage the brain, since you are here asking a very basic maths question.
well, as far as i can tell, as long as your not a fat ar@e, and your willing to put in the effort, 100%, at all times you'll get in.

one of my mates had just passed out {not literally mind you}, he was a heaving lump of lard.

he was 12st exactly when he went in, and now he's 10stone 1 pound

he was beasting himself in all the PT sessions and impressed his CO's

while another guy on the same basic, fit as hell, couldnt be arrsed to beast himself to the maximum cos he was fit.

basically my good friend {dave} said that all the CO's were looking for was someone who had clearly put in the effort and time to get somewhat fit, and was willing to always give 100%, with that sort of attitude, what more can the army want {......}

well i intend to give 100% in all of it.

especially the icebreaker, thats going to be quite the "larff"
Aim for 10mins on 1.5 mate when you go to a ACIO they normally say aim for 10mins
born-warrior said:
just to remind you...this was my 1st attempt.....and that was about a month ago....i was jus wondering about peoples opinions!!!
Fantastic, tell us how much you've improved over the last month then.
born-warrior said:
well i aint ran 2.8miles again....but my 1.5 mile time is at just over 10.30 at the moment
Thats not that bad, but train more.

Also incorporate pressups, situps and chin ups into your regime.

Try going further than 1.5 mile.

I have only just got back to training due to injury :x which I still have! But I do 120 situps, 100 pressups and 10 chinups a night. Plus when I go to the toilet I do 20 pressups and 20 situps. Sounds stupid but it works.

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