Is this a good idea?

I'm a student also serving as a Gunner in my local TA unit. I'm planning to join the army as an inf. officer after university. To cut a potentially long and whinging story short - do you think its a good idea get a bit (three years TA and one years FTRS) of rank experience as a TA soldier before going into the footsloggers as an officer and avoiding joining the UOTC (wine appreciation society etc.) like the plague?



I did a year in the OTC then saw the light and joined TA SAS, then went to Sandhurst. All I learned in the OTC was how easy and disappointing it was to shag ugly girls. Being a grunt in a 'real' unit was much better, though still not much of a preparation for being an infanteer on ops.
If you intend to be a career soldier then you will spend long enough being serious about life and the Army. Why extend it into your carefree youth? Why not take the opportunity to get very drunk, grow your hair and a goatee and slide down mountains on a polished plank in your holidays or whatever? Enjoy life before the Army - you will not regret it later! No-one looks back from their deathbed and says "God I wish I had eaten more compo and been rained on more often!" :D

As for preparing for RMAS and all that - you are who you are more or less, even after Sandbags has finished with you! :?
I second that VR - don't bother with the OTC. They all go to Sandbags and think they know it all - they bloody well don't.

Grow your hair, get wrecked, learn the value of money etc etc. Plenty of time to become a military shit. I did. :D
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