Is this a good idea??

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Alto, Jan 13, 2010.

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  1. Basically i passed selection in October. Im hoping to join the Yorkshire Regiment and have been waiting for my date for Catterick, so i went to the careers office in Hull today to get a realistic date and they said i'd probabley wouldnt be in training until the other side of April unless i join a Scottish battalion in which case it would be sooner.
    Would this be wise seen as im from Yorkshire and have absolutly no family connection to Scotland at all?

  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    A four month wait to join the Regiment you want to join, or straight into training for one you don't want to? they are pushing you that way because the R SCOTS are still struggling to meet their recruiting targets - it is not for your benefit.

    It is a no-brainer. 4 months is nothing compared to the minium four years you could be spending in the unit. Why not wait and get what you really want?
  3. No expert on this but you may well stick out like a, well Yorkshire lad in a Jock Battalion. If I were you I'd wait till April which is only a few weeks away. Years ago I went to Batus with the Argyll and Bolton wanderers or some such Scottish unit and I remember them being fiercely pro Jock.
  4. Me personally would not go to a scottish regiment,so i would wait for a vacancy in you regiment of choice !
  5. Cheers for the quick replies I think ill stick it out, even the recruiter said he wouldnt push me to join one. just thought id see if it was a good idea and if it happened often.

    thanks again.
  6. stick it out - get fit - and don't go Jock! :wink:
  7. Use that 4 months and get a fit as you can mate, the fitter you are, the easier your recruit training will be, and you will stand out too. Infantry regiments tend to be local units and you will fit in better with your local people. Grizz it and phyzz it.
  8. Very wise advice.
    Nothing against the Jocks - damned good soldiers.
    But unless you have a braveheart moment and into painting your face blue [ahem],
    get yourself up to snuff phys wise and join the lads who you feel at home with.
    Oh, and very good luck to you.
  9. Considering many of the Scots Regiments have many non scots ie: commonwealth, english irish and English etc 'some' of the comments IMO are rather short sighted,

    yes 'some' are rather more pro-jock than others but unless you have served in all 'or' at least some of the units being stuck out like a sore thumb due to being a Yorkshire lad should not make a difference (even if you have trained with these units on ex) I fully understand the AFCO situation but its the individual's choice, and how bad he wants to get stuck in,

    Yes I agree it is your career but would arrsers give the same advice to someone joining an Irish or welsh unit for example??

    Fao: Alto, all the best on reaching your chosen unit friend,

    It is 'not' a direct gripe but a general view,
  10. Stay with what YOU want, otherwise you will only regret a decision made in haste at this stage, and bring nothing but grief if it does not work out.
    So stay with it,it is not too long to wait.
  11. Served with Jocks, some real English haters there wait!!
  12. R u taking the pifs, once in u r stuck there, if they r undermanned they will not let u go?
  13. What he said. Stick to your guns, it will be worth it in the end. The Yorkshire regiments all seemed to be tight, close knit units, so your bound to be serving with people you have a lot in common with.

  14. And you'll get a lift home at Weekends.

  15. What do you mean? ......... you were in a Scottish Regiment, weren't you?

    ( Light blue touch paper )