Is this a genuine F-S knife ?

Is this knife a genuine WW2 one ?

Has a broad arrow and the number '1' on the handle and a crown with an arrow sticking out of the bottom of it on the handle side of the handguard.

Has etching / engraving on one side of the blade but I thought that it was only the knife which had the ricasso (?) that was etched and then on both sides.

The blade edges are as dull as a very dull thing - as is the point. No sign of it having been sharpened at all. I couldn't see this thing piercing or pushing through clothing.

The sheath looks too new.

I have read on here that there are some people making some very good repro knives -maybe this is one of them.

Hopefully someone on here is enough of an expert to give some sound advice.
There is a famtastic F-S website with info, history and detailed markings on every mark and maker of knife.

I cant be arrsed googling it, the tax dodging cnuts.

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Thanks for that. I've looked at a couple of websites but whilst they have lots of genuine F-S knives, I've not seen one exactly like this.

Being lazy i was hoping someone on here would be sufficiently expert enough to look at this one and say a categoric fake or genuine.

I was also hoping not to have to join a forum of some sort in order to post the photos . ARRSE is the only forum i can be arrsed with :) Some of these collecting types can be a bit , er, 'intense' ...........
Know what you mean. Either OC ******* D or

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If you stab a German with it you might increase its value.....
This one is not mine. Not into knives myself. Although I do have one with the wavy crossguard that was given to me by an old neighbour who was in SOE during the war. He never mentioned how many Jerries he despatched with it though ;-)

Does make you wonder how many Germans were killed with these knives or whether they were more of a morale / confidence booster than a serious toy.

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