Is this a common feeling?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Apr 23, 2007.

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  1. Something from a blogger who speaks of Army life after he threw the blog open to civilians with questions re. Army life.
    What do we think of this as an answer?
  2. It is a very pertinent observation. We all know lots of people who are serving. It is normal to us. Friends of mine are regularly (or possibly reservely?) giving up civvy jobs and popping off to Iraq or Stan. One is going next month, godspeed.

    However if you stop somebody at random in the street and ask if they know a serviceman well, then don't be surprised to get a "no" answer. If you do the mathematics - or arithmetic if you are old like me - it isn't so surprising. The government admits to there being about 59 million British citizens. It has managed to reduce the armed forces to 180,690 effective strength. That means only 1 in 326 people is a serving soldier, sailor or airman. Playing the statistics game, approximately 0.3% of the population are in the services, 0.15% of the population is in prison! you are statistically more likely to know someone who has never worked or is in longterm unemployment than who is a serviceman or woman.

    No wonder there isn't much understanding of what it means to serve your country but everyone seems to know how to get the right benefit or scrounge up some media cash!