Is this a Career Foul? Need advice PLEASE!

Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by annie98, Jan 13, 2009.

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  1. I came of the last Full screws board in Aug 08, not to be worn till 1st Oct, usual thing. I was put on my JCLM (the new one) which finished on 3rd Oct 08, on finishing the course we were told that because we have just done the new jclm we were now substansive and had 1 year to complete the new booklet and do the part 3 in the education centre. yes fair enough.
    Back in work We have a acting cpl who has been acting now for 18 months has refused her JCLM 3 times and has signed off due out in May. We have no other CPL slots available. I have been told that she will keep her rank till she gets out.

    So finally here is my question, how is she allowed to keep her rank and i have to stay a LCpl until she gets out? Even though I'm classed as substansive? I have even been sent a acting rank acceptence form to wear in May, after she has got out! (on the acceptance of acting rank you sign to say should a sub rank arrive you will relinquish the acting rank!)

    Im at a loss at how Glasgow and the Army say that this is right? I have been told that i will get back pay, but i have heard this before and then you get shafted. I will already miss out on my first sub Cpl SJAR.
    WHy go the the effort of getting yourself promoted to be told acting rank gets to keep it! i dont get it!
    Please msg me if you have any questions, i would be very happy and accept that if this is the right way then fair enough, but its not right is it?
  2. If the acting Cpl goes on leave, then there'd be a vacancy that you may be able to fill. Quote QRs - Part 3, para 9.152, sub-para f to put the cat among the pigeons.

    'course, I'm not an expert, merely a spotter.

    And evil.

    PS QRs start with the caveat that they are to be interpreted intelligently and that the "spirit and intention" of the Regulations supersedes the written word. (or words to that effect).
  3. Sorry - wrong thread! (Was expecting something to do with upwardly mobile chickens...)
  4. Not knowing more details it may be unwise to comment but:

    You were selected for promotion to fill a vacancy (unless on time based promotion). Therefore unless you are assigned to a role in the rank of substantive Cpl (or rank ranged with Cpl as one of the ranks). Then you are (in theory) not doing the job of a Cpl but doing the job of a LCpl therefore you wear the LCpl rank. YOU ARE NOT SUBSTANTIVE UNTIL YOU FILL THE SLOT - IGNORE THE SH1TE YOU HAVE BEEN PREVIOUSLY TOLD

    In order to wear the rank of Cpl you must be assigned to a Cpl slot. This could be done by assigning you to a new unit (posting) or by assigning you to a vacant slot in the present unit (Ms signed-offs slot).

    Your promotion was not at 1 Oct rather was part of a window of which 1 Oct was the earliest possibility running through to a date I cannot remember (sorry but top of the head stuff I'm afraid).

    As for 'missing out on SJARs: This is a sticky issue however your peers who started wearing 2 tapes on 1 Oct and receive an SJAR in the rank of Cpl this year will not go to the Cpl to Sgt board before you (as it works from number of promotion years in rank not specific date of picking up). However at that Cpl to Sgt board they will have 3 reports as a substantive Cpl to your 2 - this does not necessarily mean that they are at an advantage (very limited time to impress in new rank for the first SJAR anyway).

    Hope this clears up some stuff - as I said at the start I do not know the specifics of the situation but what I have described would seem to fit the majority of those in your boat. As to the Acting Cpl currently filling the slot it would be a bit harsh to put her down to LCpl for the last few months in the Army but ultimately that decision is one for your higher CoC.
  5. CLM is a big issue as this is a transition year and the rules are slightly different, you have 12 months to complete part 1 of clm after promotion, you will get acting rank then it will be backdated to your promotion date. As of next trg year you must complete part 1 of clm before being selected for a promotion board, so if its not done you will not even be considered. Once sub rank has been granted there are no time limits for parts 2 and 3 of clm, however you must complete them and part one of the next clm before you can be put forward to the next promotion board.
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