Is this a career foul? And a bit of help please!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by sy-guy, Apr 18, 2007.

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  1. I was meant to have an advance CR from my last post in OCT 06 for this reporting year! My CR was supposed to be in my mcm div by 15 apr 07 so they had 6 months to complete this! I saw my OC part before i left and was promised that the CO part will be complete very soon and a copy would be sent to me for signing. To keep this next part short, basically i and my line managers have contacted my previous unit many, many times over the last 6 months ref my CR and every time we have been told it’s in hand!! But on checking with my mcm div twice over the last 2 weeks my CR has yet to arrive. So here’s where I need some help?
    1. Is this a career foul?
    2. If my cr misses the board will i miss my chance of promotion?
    3. I was very impressed with my OC part of my CR and more then happy with my grade but if my if this changed because they lost it or they had to rush it through ect ect. and it goes on the board without me seeing/signing it and i dont get selected for promotion am i within my rights to make a formal complaint?

    Any help will be great, thanks!
  2. IMHO....

    1. No it is not a career foul............yet. If it misses the board it will be and you should have signed it before it goes on the board. You sign to say you have seen it, not that you agree with it remember but if it is unsigned and therefore unseen - you have not therefore had the chance to contest anything you disagree with and it should not be put forward to the board (in theory).

    2. If your CR misses the board you may as well have been on leave for the entire reporting period and that is how important it is that you continue to chase this up. Having said that, I know of a number of cases where CR's have missed the board due to CoC incompetence and a "mini-board" has been held to view the CR once the mistake is realised - pointless exercise really when they have nothing to compare it against and it is more of an arrse-covering exercise by MCM Divs.

    3. Yes - see point 1. If the report is not the mutts schands that you expect it to be then I would encourage you to do so too but remember, you cannot redress opinion, only details that are factually incorrect.

    Just remember that your CR is the most important thing in your career - it is the only thing that will get you promoted and therefore you have every right to stamp your feet and make some noise. Just don't do it too loudly too early.

    I'm sure some clerk will be along to put you (and probably me) right very soon but hopefully that's helped.

    Don't panic yet.
  3. E-layer thanks for the help and advice!