Is this a british soldier?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Mag_to_grid, Dec 17, 2007.

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    Just saw this and wondered whether the guy in the pic is a Brit. Brit looking DPM but he is carrying a HK53. If he is a Brit, what units are carrying the HK53 these days? RMP CP teams dont use them anymore and when they did they had different sights and torch mounts fitted, any ideas?
  2. DanBat? They were still at COB last time I was able to look.
  3. Cobblers - look what the chap is standing in front of. 8)

    Rats Out.

    Edited to add: I wrote mine at the same time as you wrote yours - seems you're a bit quicker on the draw than me! :(
  4. Im just his representative :wink:
  5. Is that a HK he's carrying? I know before I left, there was something in soldier magazine about a shortened, modified version of the SA80 for tankies & engineers.
  6. This is a pic of the SA80A2 Carbine. Clearly not the gun in the original pic. Edited 'cause the link I posted in was broken.

    There was also an A1 version made, apparently. Dunno how widely it was issued (or if it was in procurement when everything got returned for the H&K mass bodge).

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  7. Its VERY modified if the mag has migrated forward of the pistol grip.
  8. I used to think you were alright..........don't you also claim 'greenslime' membership? :? :oops:
    Edited to Add: CP for last 1* used an M16 type weapon, sounds Italian. :wink:
  9. Is it true that his last stunt was jumping three hookers on a bottle of Jack Daniels?
  10. Because it was/is more reliable, easier to reload has better selection of add ons, is similar in operation etc as other CP wpns MP5 series etc etc.
  11. Yep, there were quite a few in use by aircrew in the Emerald Toilet, so they're probably still around.

    (Minus the one that a Gazelle driver managed to drop through the roof of a garage near Crumlin, obviously.............)
  12. looking at the mag it looks 9mm to me?
  13. HK do a new 5.56 thingy. It looks HK to me. Might be on a trial. Wonder what unit the guy is in. Looks like a Super - incognito; to me.