Is this a bit too Waltish...

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Track_Link, Jul 5, 2008.

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  1. Just got back from a Scaley reunion, bumped into a couple of lads from the old days who are now both ACF instructors, and reckon its a scream. And said I should have a crack at it (being as I am now an old knacker of 37 with asthma and moobs)

    So I popped down to my local Det last week, and was met by a dodgy chap who waffled on about his time in 'The Regs' blah blah blah, saying I did this I did that, and who came across as a bit of a mong.

    Do I join and risk becoming said gimp, or shall I stick to getting mashed once a year with a load of old knackers in Blandford???
  2. mwl946

    mwl946 LE Good Egg (charities)

    Give it a go!
    There is room in the ACF for everyone, be they ex regs, TA, ex cadets or just "in off the street" like myself. Not all the ex regs who join are like the one you met....indeed, most are the backbone of the ACF, helping those of us with no prior military service or knowledge to get it right.
    If you want any info, PM me.

    And yes, it is a scream
  3. Join and risk tw*tting said gimp. You don't suddenly become a walt just because you become an ACF instructor.
  4. After some friendly advice I shall give it a crack. Cheers!
  5. Although Track_Link did say he thought he was a mong rather than a walt. I am sure Track_Link met a few mongs when he was a Regular Soldier too, I know I did. The Army is not a mong free zone.

    Track_Link, you have already had it from blokes you know. It can be fun, it isn't always, and it ain't the Army.
  6. less of the gimp fellas
  7. LOL! Sorry mate!
  8. As has been said, you'll meet choppers in all walks of life. I've met decent ex regs in the ACF, and I've met decent civvies who've become CFAVs. Unfortunately Ive also had the misfortune to deal with some real kleppits in both categories. Been doing it 18 years though so it ain't all bad. Good luck and I hope you find it's the right thing for you.
  9. track link <
    I suspect I am very well accquainted with one of your blandford fellows whom indeed resides on this site under the guise of black rat scaley back,he is correct it is an excellent crack and is well worth the effort,it is not devoid of mongs but where is ?
    The only way to improve it is by improving the instructor base as is.
    Go for it you will not regret it


  10. Indeed that is the fellow pimp... A top chap is our Blackrat! I Have been a few times now, and there's definately some walting going on, but I'm just ignoring it (dont want to come across as gobby) and if some people want to live in la la land who am I to stop em!

    The Cadets are all keen as mustard though, so I'll stick with it I think
  11. Track_Link, Good to see you've taken the plunge. Now you're back in green I only have one thing to say!

    Don't get a sad on,
    Get a mag on and stag on!!

    (Only joking old buddy).
  12. Interesting! Last week I received my information pack from the ACF and took the plunge and phoned the local ACF. They are off on their annual camp this week and will contact me when they return. Now ... I have a couple of concerns; first I am an older git at 49 and secondly I have a disability. How will this limit my options as an Instructor?
  13. K13,

    Just sit them down mate and start reading extracts from your excellent memoir!!

    The little darlin`s will be like the 12 disciples.....fukcin` agog, mate!

    Good luck if you decide to carry on.
  14. mwl946

    mwl946 LE Good Egg (charities)

    I joined ACF "off the street" so to speak at the age of 45. Im not disabled, unless you count the fact that Im a woman, but it has not limited my options in any way whatsoever. You might however like to consider the commission route tho, as otherwise your time is limited due to retiral at 55 as a senior rank, whereas as an officer you have until 65. Hope that helps.
  15. What is the commission route? Do you need mil quals?