is this a bad idea?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by SONOFHOMER, Oct 28, 2008.

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  1. i have transfered TA units within the year but am not happy with my present company as it seems small and the training is very limited now a friend of mine wants to join the rifles and has asked me to transfer im going to have a look with him tonight at davis street.

    any riflemen at that location have any views to would be appreciated!
  2. Boyfriend?
  3. well done first stupid reply go to the top of the class.

    any constructed replies appreciated
  4. Punctuation?
  5. ok thank you I see I need to be a English professor to get a sensible response
  6. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    F Coy are a very good unit with a pretty fancy TAC to boot. I can't tell you much about F Coy in particular beyond what you can get from their website, but the battalion (7 Rifles) as a whole has some outstanding personnel in it (both TA and PSIs). Our main problem, from a grunt's eye view, is that manning is thin n the ground due to bods mobilising for Ops, deployed on Ops or on leave following Ops. The past year and half has been a pretty hectic cycle ref lads going to Afghanistan and the next two years look to be just as busy.

    F Coy are the nearest thing us Rifles have for a 'posh' unit. Mainly due to their location, they do tend to get a fair share of ceremonial stuff. Not really my bag and I'm sure you can duck the drill duty if it isn't yours either!
  7. And it has to be said the Rifles is a great Regiment with progressive ways of doing things - its all about thinking riflemen - so as they say be SWIFT AND BOLD and transfer
  8. what units were you in?
  9. It's great to see the punctuation police out in force who cares if there's a full stop missin or a spellin mistake, f%&*"n muppet get a life . :x
  10. How did you get on?
  11. not bad thanks HARDYSA think it is a green light for rifles just have to de-learn all my drill etc and think light div thanks for all the advice
  12. Without the punctuation it makes things rather annoying to read. No big problem, just annoying to most people. It's not asking much to put a little thought into what they are writing and in most cases it should be second nature.
  13. have they got good numbers at F coy compared to say G coy? I live more or less in the middle and am thinking of joining in the future once my employer says I can.

    I've been ta infantry before but don't fancy going back to a coy with more officers than privates
  14. If you are close to the tube at work and at home then F Coy is perfect as it is just opposite Bond St station. If you drive then G Coy is best because they have a huge area for parking inside the TAC and the traffic is lighter than the city.
  15. Matty,
    F Coy is arguably stronger than G Coy but neither fit your 'more officers than privates' description (and they are riflemen anyway). How about considering the options available. F Coy has two rifle pls and G Coy has one rifle pl and the Battalion's MG pl. Somewhere to go once you've done basic soldiering maybe.

    Both coys have new, down-to-earth OCs and a good level of morale so, whichever you choose, you won't go wrong.

    Hope this helps.