Is this 5.56mm L2A2 ammunition

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by wilfred, Sep 4, 2013.

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  1. Some guy near to me has some of this for sale. I was wondering if it is L2A2 or some sort of Royal Ordnance commercial?

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  2. Reloads?
  3. Earlyish Radway Green 5.56 - not possible to know the mark without the outer packaging..

    The "RORG" headstamp was a consequence of the "Royal Ordnance" branding as the Ordnance factories were being put up for sale.. the first batch of 5.56 case production dies were made with the "RORG" marking..

    I doubt if the rounds are reloads - the annulus still has it's purple varnish and the ring stamp is still in place. I think these are of the generation where they used Boxer primers, but with a small vent so that they would jam normal reloading dies. Some of the very early trial production was Berdan primed..
  4. He told me that it's that 'wimpy Brit stuff for their pussy rifle', he wants the stripper clips and bandoleers though and wants to sell the stuff loose.
    As long as it works in my AR-15 I'll be happy at the price he wants.
  5. "wimpy Brit stuff.." ask him if its alright then to test it out on him. If its hurts then you know its a good-un.
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  6. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I assume he's refering to that British built (albiet modified by the Germans) precision instument of death that's the envy of the free world?
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  7. You have just proved that the SA80 is like the NHS: those forced to use it are convinced it's the envy of the world, however Johnny Foreigner is not exactly queuing up to copy it, is he now?
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  8. This is the origin of what he is crapping on about:

    "The US version of the standard NATO SS109 bullet, the M855, differs slightly from the British L2A2 round by encasing the steel core in a thinner copper jacket. This tends to rupture at very high impact velocities, causing the bullet to fragment delivering an increased lethal effect. This benefit is not available with British specification ammunition because of a strict adherence to our interpretation of the Hague Convention, which deems such ammunition illegal."

    often taken out of context by US "Gun Writers" from the following work:
  9. NHS - However, Johnny Foreigner is queuing up to use it. I think you'll find that is the reason they don't copy it ...
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  10. Why does the HMG thinks it fit to sell surplus ammo to the yanks yet ban the sale to uk citizens ????
  11. Cock

  12. are you stalking me ?? you like a little shitty fly that wont stop buzzing around indoors and always seems to elude my newspaper hitting it! total bell end
  13. Why do you think HMG doesn't sell 5.56 to UK civvies Joe ?

    How was the first week back at school btw ?
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  14. HMG have been selling surplus ammo to the yanks for years.

    [tinfoil hat] HMG also have a policy of disarmament towards its citizens. Last thing it wants is to sell us nice shiny RG. [/tinfoil hat]
  15. Never mind, I'll just use the stuff the communists made in 1977 in a little 7.62x54R then. It was made to shoot us anyway.
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