Is Theresa May under too much pressure?

If they are from other euro land countries they are allowed free access to other euro land countries.
Aye, but we aren't in the Euro, we are in the EU and people who come from other EU countries should be allowed free access for a certain time period (3 months or so) and not come in as scroungers etc as they do now.


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I feel it's due to all the worry about her support for homosexual marriage, who is getting what out of the Olympic game and clearing out the House of Lords. Such really important stuff during a time of severe recession, (almost) uncontrolled immigration and incompetent government must be making her really ill.
She needs beating to death with a spade but, failing that, just fucking sacking; she is not as bad as Jacqui Smith but, mind you, that's not saying much. Rant over.

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