Is There Two Interviews?

This might be a stupid question but i have got my first interview tomorrow but i have heard people saying there is two interviews is that right?
and dose any one know what happens after the interview (Like how long it takes from your interview to selection)
i appreciate any feed back
there is lots of interviews, and can last anything from 3-9 months, depending on which regiment you join.
I only had one interview and had a selection date a few days after.This was just for me so of course the time span can vary depending on when your recruiter can get you off down to ADSC.
I had two interviews at the recruitment office. One with my recruiting sergeant, followed thirty minutes later by one with the head recruiter (WO1 or 2, can't remember now!). Remember that it is NOT just a formality turn up suited and booted, do your home work and know where you will be doing phase one and two training for all of your job choices.
This makes me panic

From my post in the officers section

I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me about something.

I have a POC coming up next week. I did a course insight for the same regiment 2 weeks ago.

Now, I haven't gone down any routes as of yet regarding proper paper work.
I would like to, pending this POC going well, join up and attend sandhurt in september. I have some of the proper paper work regarding joining up via the TA (and I have sent a e-mail regarding that I would like to now go the full time route instead, but I only sent that friday).
Now, should the POC go well and the regiment consider sponsoring me through sandhurst (and my knowledge on this is very very sketchy at best), would this help with the speed on the application, or, like I'm guessing, it doesn't bare any relevance to the speed of the application.

I have booked myself into the insight course and POC via the internet/off my own back, so I think I have confused myself as to my next step (I'm hoping when the TA representative replies it will clear it up, but I thought I would throw the question out there).


edit- I should add that initally I thought 6+ months would be long enough for the application to go through be approved etc. But after reading about someones application taking maybe 14 months, I was slightly surprised so looking to get a move on ASAP with it now.
rick_rolled said:
. . . . .can last anything from 3-9 months, depending on which regiment you join. . . . .

like i said

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