Is there such a thing as Soldier 2000 kit ?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Stockton96, Mar 3, 2006.

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  1. Could someone please clear this up as several people are calling the new windproof combat jackets "Soldier 2000 kit".
  2. This is used a lot by Ebay Shops to try and sell the clothing and equipment, but as far as I have found, its just the latest version of 95 issue stuff.
  3. Thanks, does anyone else have anymore information ? plus will there be a soldier 2000 kit or 2005 kit ?
  4. When I was a cadet I bought "S2000" stuff, didn't fade like the S95 I had before it.

    Now in the TA I have been issued S95 and looks exactly what the Surplus shop sold me as "S2000"
  5. Sometimes Ripstop stuff is regarded as S2000.

    I bought some 'S2000' Rip-Stop combat trousers for the field, much more hard wearing and thicker, probably lights up like a crimbo tree with an IR sight though.

    S2000 is just a mde up name to sell more kit.
  6. What I dont understand is how they can call the current issue desert kit S95 when it was updated for OpTelic...
  7. What I dont understand is how they can call the current issue desert kit S95 when it was updated for OpTelic...
  8. Perhaps CS95 is the 'style' or design of uniform rather than when it was made.

    The dessies are exactly the same material just a different colour.
  9. The newest issue CS95 kit is the Mk3 stuff - tougher, harder wearing and jolly good all round.

    There never has and never will be anything called 'CS2000' - it is a pathetic way of selling more kit, as Paddy rightly states above.

    However, the next load of kit is truly amazing and deserves to be called 'CS3000' as it is so terrific - massive smocks, huge hoods, enormous pockets, fully breathable etc etc. Seems odd to remember sometimes that my first issue combat jacket had to have its pockets folded and ironed flat and covered with starch to prevent them ballooning out - and now we've got these huge bellows dump pockets!

    Btw the new Meindl combat boots are unbelievable as well.
  10. I think soldier 2000 kit is (amongst other things) the green fleece as opposed to dpm and longer lasting material for trousers and shirts (no not the rip stop stuff) and I am sure various other odds and sods.
  11. i just love the obsession with smocks. I've never once seen a hood on a smock being used. Not criticising tho..ive got one and never use it either. Its a pure army fashion thing
  12. Darth, when is this new 'mk3' stuff coming into issue ?

    Windrush i think your exactly right, The smock is an army fashion accesory. The point of having one is to make yourself look 'gucci' in front of all your mates in my opinion. I have never once seen one of the hoods being used.
  13. It's on the streets now. The next era in clothing is being trialled as we speak - pretty much all sorted although there are about 10 different sets of boots being trialled as well.
  14. Are the CABs getting replaced?
  15. Is it true they are going with an "urban" cam for the new issue? Heard a rumour about this and new NBC suits and respirators apparently too.

    Just look at the Americans new grey uniform. I suppose its what they want in cities but as they also are going to wear it in ALL situ's (i.e. one cam to replace woodland, desert etc) then it will be pants as they stick out so much! Or did they imagine they will only patrol cities from now on?

    If we are introducing an oversuit like the snowsuit or whatever for cam and fireproofing in cities then crack on but lets not go for the gay American way of one cam pattern for everything so you're equally obvious to the en in all environments :roll: