Is there still use of R or insignia - retired officers?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Coldstreamer82, Feb 20, 2010.

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  1. Ok maybe a strange question - which came about from a post on the wearing of no 2's having left the service.

    Basically, I agree that under no circumstance should military uniform be worn if not serving - even weddings etc. Though I did hear of a sad exception where an ex-serving soldier, was allowed permission to attended the military funeral of a close friend who was KIA, in his blues.

    I posted a reply - see link ARRSE

    Question is related to last paragraph of that reply. Does any Army Officer, in any capacity other that TA or an RO posting, still use insignia such as the 'R' to indicate retired status?

    Have not seen such use in in ACF or friends who are STAB, but I do know of retired officers, going to CCF and ACF units in later years, or some have re-inlisted.

    For example, a Snr. Nurse who retired from QARANC a Major, due family. Then three years later went back to STAB but was allocated rank of Captain.
  2. are you still trolling for info for your waltism exploits?
  3. Actually no mate - and be very assured not a Walt. If I was my current clearences and JP position would be very suspect. As would my previous status within certain Civilian Companies, who also do 20 year or back to school background checks.

    I dont post often on ARRSE - cos of time etc, and do respect been out of regular's a long time, things do change, as do anacronyms, abbreviations, general terminology, etc. I also suffer an eye condition, so often I maybe do not present information clearly, and do respect could only give certain info on other posts, due confidentiality of the client.

    My first post was genuine - and can assure you the gentleman concerned was given the post - after a letter was received from APC, Kentigern House, explaining it was a genuine mistake. His Officer number was not listed, because now as stated officers can retain OR numbers, as in case of Prince William being a 3**** Anyhow, that is a reply for the original thread.

    This query is genuine, and was more out of curiosity, and if you are not familiar with the use of such rank insignia in the past - either your service is recent or just not aware of such an occurence.

    Please do not take offence at this rebutal - but I would point out that - and this is just for the waltenkommando, etc. Being on the JP bench (Juvenile) very nasty offences can be committed under certain Privacy Laws, etc, whereby certain allegations or inferences are made - without justification.
  4. Titles are still in use in certain circumstances, any one wearing uniform in the ACF must wear the appropriate titles, (alot don't), and all ATC officers wear VRT titles with their rank
  5. Thanks zippy, a more helpful response.

    Probably just not seen many ex-regular officers in my ACF area, and certainly not seen the use of the old 'R'.

    Yes you are correct on ATC, CI's if commisioned as officer's do indeed go onto the list of RAF VR (T) - training wing.
  6. Your posts incite nothing but questions, you claim to have been an officer, therefore by virtue of that you should know about dress regs, especially pertaining to your corps. If you have genuine questions regarding dress why not contact the corps RSM or contact the local British Legion?

    Failing that why not contact APC Glasgow, concerning your requests.

    If you are refering to RO1, RO2, RO3 Officers, these posts have been superceeded thereby allowing any qualified person to adopt an RO post.

    No longer jobs for the boys, but hey if you haven't done the time in the army, you wouldn't know
  7. if you are a JP then you should know better than to mock a persons chosen career path and refrain from using STAB as a reference to Territorials. Even for expedience sake TA is quicket to type.

    As for the use of R after a rank for a retired officer, in the TA NRPS (non regular permanent staff) usualy keep the title. For example the unit Permanant Staff Admin Officer will be Captain X or Major Y, even though they have left regular service but are not part of the TA unit orbat. They do wear uniform - on occassions - but I have never seen R on any part of their uniform to denote that they are retired from the active list.
  8. I do believe that most of your post was boll*cks.

    You STAB.
  9. If you are wearing uniform (and I know your opinion is that you shouldn't but, for example, check the rules for receiving honours and awards from the Queen - retired officers can wear uniform) then you should wear the 'R' insignia (unless you are a retired Lt Colonel or above).

    Personal note - just because the rules say you can, doesn't mean you should ...

    If you are ACF, CCF or in the TA (normal, NRPS or FTRS), you wear the uniform of the rank you are appointed to. As an example, one of our COs went from Reg Lt Col to FTRS - poss NRPS - Maj, to TA List A Lt Col (possibly with a v short period as a TA List A Maj) - no sign of 'R' at any point. If you are a retired Col and a CCF Maj, you wear CCF Major's uniform (and are commissioned as a TA List B Lieutenant, appointed as an Acting Major - although you will be gazetted as reverting to Col when you retire from the CCF). CCF and ACF officers are marked as such by having the appropriate rank slides or, in 2s, shoulder titles.
  10. so in essence you can't wear it down the pub in order to get free drinks
  11. Why does suffering an eye condition affect your ability to present information clearly? Do you have an arrow stuck in it the hinders cognative functions?
  12. I agree. PASOs are commissioned into the regt/corps they serve with and will (should) wear the rank of their appointment and the uniform of the regt/corps they are listed as holding their commission in as stated in their last entry in the London Gazzette and the Army List.

    PSAOs/NRPS other ranks my not be part of the ORBAT, but they are, like it or not, part of the their unit/sub unit family!
  13. Unless you are a Lt Col (honorary or substantive) retired, or above 8O
  14. Ok my sincere apologies to all parties concerned with these questions, as your comments are both fair and not misguided.

    For Bipolars sake, no I do not have an arrow stuck in it - just 40% or so vision in R. eye. Hence discharge at the time (had about 60%) on QR Para 9.386.

    I am asking all concerened that yes maybe all the questions posed could be raised with the appropriate authorities concerned QM's, Unit etc. But I am now technically a civilian, and a lot has changed in 5 to 6 years, new regulations and updates. Yep maybe the reply on asking Legion etc. makes sense, but thought ok why not ask the question of people who know.

    Sincerest apologies are offered to any member of ARRSE who was offended by my innapropriate use of the phrase STAB. It is not correct when the Territorail Units are now making up a considerable amount of the Regular force, for example, 205 General Hospital at Camp Bastion.

    If any part of the post seemed bollocks, then that is just mistakes on knowledge of current issues and terminology. I did indeed attend in uniform the wedding of my godson, and that was fulfilled as stated in reg's quoted in reply. The wedding was in a military chapel, and correct permission was sought.

    I think I am more annoyed that a person can post simple questions, out of curiousity and lack of up-to-date knowledge and, effectively get his nuts ripped of!

    Finaly, I am not BS'ing about being on JP's list for Juvenile Panel, although in Scotland this is superceded by Sheriff's Courts. The Privacy Laws issue was a stupid attack at a fellow member and again offer sincere apoligies to Biploar for that childish rebutal.

    Although this does not alter the true fact these laws are in place, and the only true authority on matters of walting is police and judicial system.

    Hope this ends the matters concerned.