Is there something the Booties should tell us?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Father_Famine, Jan 3, 2011.

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  1. Brilliant I shall send this link to my booty mates...ahem collegues so that I can rip into them for advertising girl stuff.
  2. This can hardly come as a surprise. The Marines have been doing a trendy line in female attire since time began. Each one I have ever met has an entire 'rig' in his locker, and inevitably, as time has passed, styles have developed and the corporate knowledge must by now be enormous. Normally a full set of lingerie, wig, and a very fetching frock or miniskirt with crop-top, but I am happy to see that they have branched out into some of the more obscure elements of girly clothing. How very Japanese of them.
  3. I suppose primark will be doing a range inspired by the paras......I'm dead arn't I............
  4. Presumably they aren't bringing out any underwear as this is an area they have little experience, or use for?
  5. There is also a male collection, however thats not as funny, though the male model is trying to look real mean

    NX Sport | Men | Next Official Site (Page Six)
  6. The bergan is cute..

    Cross dressing in the Corps has it's benefits, it annoys the fuck out hetero civvy blokes giving it big licks in tight tops and moody stares and if co-located with bluejobs you get to play dress up with top heavy jennies generally resulting in a drunken fuck post night out ..
  7. You cant beat a little floral Laura Ashley number.
  8. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    The hats are crap
    I had to put both my hands on top of my head to stop it flying off.....

    Don't think much of the grey demob suits either
  9. Thats not a dinky bergen, it's a....POOCH???....what the 'fuckis' a POOCH, it is written on the fu**ing label as P.O.U.C.H.
  10. So, do Next do roll mats and speedos as well?
  11. Ah, well, I reckon this is very enterprising - the booties response to SDSR - cash in on a marketable brand image. Shame the crabs didn't think to flog the rights to Harrier knickers (they don't stay up for long) or Nimrod binoculars (for folk who want to lurk about watching...) How about the navy doing an Ark Royal range of "baby carriers". Why don't you armoured boys flog the rights to "Chally 2" furry dice for chav Corsas?
  12. You think the army hasn't cashed in on the brand? There isn't a procurement budget any more; they just get £1 every time somebody rips off the SAS or parachute regiment for some tat outdoors kit or tat book
  13. didn't they bring out action men type toys a while back
  14. They did. Strangely they had paras that used parachutes and harriers that flew?

    The only accurate bits were that the booties clothes come off easily and the rifles are made out of the same plastic that holds the chocolate in Dairy Milk boxes.