Is there something a bit queer with HCR??

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Myss, Nov 15, 2004.

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  1. Not my own personal view - but I was told that by someone who works there that the majority of men there are gay......

    Each to their own and all that, but if its true, I have seen some wasted wasted talent there tsh tsh tsh lol :lol:
  2. All those men in thigh high shiny leather boots are benders?
    Say it just isn’t so!
    This is going to ruin the ASDA Christmas dinner......

    Beebs :(
  3. Those men won more awards for gallantry in Iraq than any other unit. Their casualty rate , compared to their size was the greatest too.
    If you've nothing useful to say then say f*** all you dickhead!
  4. Don't believe all you hear/read - you will sound like an idiot
  5. OOOOH duckie! A little dummy spit. Go on give us some more.
  6. This is the NAAFI, where abuse such as this is expected!

    Anyway, I heard it was only their Officers who took it up the "rusty sherrifs badge" :twisted:
  7. its all that time spent polishing each others helmets.

    their all as gay as a big bag full of graham nortons boigraphy tied up with pink ribbon.
  8. now CIG the imposter, maybe you should take some of your own advice.
  9. RTFQ


    Don't know about the lads, but the officers are more camp than a wig-wam convention in millets. Bloody nice chaps though and can throw an outstanding party.
  10. well i must say all the time i spent around them they never hit on me, and i was wearing a skirt FFS! the indignity of it all.

    nothing wrong with men in tight jophers (so my wife says???????????)
  11. RTFQ


    To be fair, the HCR gents I knew all had really good looking girlfriends. This is suspicious in itself, however; any man who hasn't got the confidence to sh@g an ugly chick is not to be trusted - they're much more fun and much less hassle. Why do you need a high maintenance trophy on your arm? To tell the world how much of a man you are? Try walking into the cities finest establishments with a sweaty heifer by your side, works for me.

    That's my excuse anyway
  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Should that have been 'men in tight jodhpurs' ?

    Or perhaps 'men in tight gophers' ! 8O
  13. Wow, he's back. If he's right then he knows more than me too, which is embarassing.

    Not quite convinced of the link drawn between "casualty rate" and "greatest", it never struck me as a particularly great claim.

    Nevermind, reading his past-posts is a bit of a laugh..
  14. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    All with real names like Digby and Giles......

  15. Digby does scrub-up really well, to be fair.

    Ah. Oh dear.