Is there some sort of rule on this????

Discussion in 'Officers' started by bombdoctor, May 26, 2007.

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  1. How many medals can you wear on a single row??? Having seen a recent photograph it would appear to be as many as you can overlap on your ever expanding chest! Surely there is a limit? Someone out there who pays more attention to DCI's etc should know. Is it stipulated as to the maximum number that you can wear on a single row before adopting a second????? Your help is much appreciated :D
  2. Im not sure just to how many you can actually wear in one row, its keep overlapping, heres old Phil hes got about 13/15 in one dunno

  3. I am sure there is a different ruling for minatures. But would gladly be corrected.
  4. Ahem

    Full size medals and hes still overlapping

  5. God knows then!!!!! :?
  6. I have to say - picking The Queen's husband is probably not the best example possible. Also - do you mean medals, minatures or ribbons? I think it is 4 in a row for ribbons, 3 in a row for women.
  7. I'm fairly sure that I couldn't manage three women in a row these days!
  8. Three in a row..... call yourself an officer???
  9. Surely in excess of 3 would be a good night :wink:
  10. Try posting this question to the QM's Dept; it is far more likely that some hoary old RQMS will know the answer than some jumped up occifer!

  11. For medal ribbons sewn on to your tunic the general rule is a maximum of four in a row. You then start the second row.

    The senior ribbon goes at the top on the left as you are looking at it with the junior ribbon on the bottom right as you look at it.

    For full size medals the general rule is that the first four get sewn together on a medal bar without overlapping. Once you get to five and definetly when you get to six you still wear them all on the same row but overlap them so they dont take up more space than a row of four or five medals.

    In the British forces it is never correct to wear full size medals on more than one row - unlike the Americans.

    Whether you go for four or five before you start overlapping really depends on how big your chest is. On smaller people four is right on bigger people you can get away with five.

    For miniature medals you just keep on adding to the row. I guess if its gets stupidly big you can overlap them .
  12. I'm off topic here - as a result of googling General Bomthebastards (Kenney Everett character) who had an interesting take on wearing medals - but sadly no piccie. But I did find this which made I larf...
    I'll fcuk off now.
  13. Check out the Army Electronic library under Personnel and Admin. There is a draft on Dress and it includes wearing of medals.
  14. i think it depends on your frame and i believe mat-regs says as much, but, between 4-6 is a good rule of thumb.....

    sadly, it would appear that 'the legend' has beaten me on the medal off, but due to his dimuite frame, he's on his 3rd row already!