Is there scope for a Hols4Heroes wristband?

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Fat_Cav, Mar 17, 2010.

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  1. Yeah yeah! I've read all the for-and-against threads but most were a few years ago, and notwithstanding the CoC view of when you can and cannot wear them, they still seem to be very popular and if marketed and priced right can make a good few quid. 8)

    Not sure what the cost price + vat is, as it seems to depend on the colour and design, but I'm sure that there's a market for them now and as Hols4Heros isn't a registered Charity then there shouldn't be any issues, it'll just be one organisatioon selling them to members of the public?

    What do you think? Have MDN and others already debated this?

    Looked around the search thingy but nothing came up specific regarding a Hols4Heroes wristband, but sorry if there is.
  2. There are a range of products in the pipeline, not sure what the delay is. Mm
  3. Cheers for the Speedy reply.
  4. I suppose like most things bought in bulk there are initial outlay costs that can be expensive and may not get a sufficient return to make a profit which would be disastrous. I do, however like the idea and certainy would purchase a handful to pass around family and friends and I'm. Sure would look good alongside my 3 Rifles one. Should we put it to a poll to see if it's worth making some up?
  5. I was going to do it as a poll, but as I'm not involved with the Hols4Heroes (yet) I thought it a bit presumptuous and toe-stepping. MM basically answered. to a degree, my query.
  6. Gundulph and I offered to have a range of products made, at our expense, with all profits going to Hols 4 H, utilising the UK Challenge Coins manufacturer contacts and distribution..

    It was considered but a Member of Hols4H has offered to do all the purchasing, storing and distributing. This will be a lot to set up so give her time .

    Best of luck to her.

    Hopefully we will see some MDN wristbands soon ! :D
  7. Arrse colours and hamster avatar embossed on them?
  8. used by mdn himself to gauge depth no doubt
    "see i was in him up to here" pointing to the excrement stained wristband forced someway past his elbow :twisted:
  9. MDN cock-ring special edition................??
  10. Failing that I'm sure a heinous MDN bear can be made up and auctioned off complete with a ressie and god knows what else
  11. I planned to use a wristband as one of those anyway. :D