Is there really any stereotyping in the army?

My friend told me that he was nicknamed scouse and was under the impression that it was a pretty unique thing, but then someone else told me that too, and then I've heard alot of people with the scouse accent have been called that since they first joined. I was wondering, is that as far as it goes, just accents, or is it like "He's a scouser, he's gonna try and rob shit etc" lol?
8O Must be the hot weather...bit of sun brings out all the weird ones
If you have a scouse accent you will be known as scouse, if you're scottish - Jock, from newcastle, Geordie Etc.
It rains in UK
petrol costs a fortune and women screw your life up, all facts of life we can do nothing about - live with it.

No, there is no stereotyping in the army, you make a good first impression and it will see you in good stead
No real stereotyping but people who are not prepared to help others are known as "jack bast*rds"
Don't forget Smudger!!
jarrod248 said:
Pyrex said:
Don't forget Smudger!!
what a small world! I bet you don't know Chalkie though.
Chalkie White?

Yeah, know him well!!
Nah, he was cleanly shaven with a beard.
Is there really any stereotyping in the army?
what a fekin stupid question................. of cource you cant use a stereo as a typewriter.
Is there really any stereotyping in the army?
Do you mean using two typewriters simultaneously?

Only in very overworked AGC detachments
Do us Lincolnshire folk get ribbed for having webbed feet in the Army!?

I have to say I'm very disappointed! :x :roll:

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