Is There Nothing This Man Wont Stoop To?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by JoeCivvie, Feb 6, 2010.

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  1. The rest of this blatant sympathy-grabbing gambit is here on the Backing Brown Committee (BBC), and comes, surprisingly, in the months before an election.

    The man will use anything, even the death of his daughter 8 years ago, to grub up votes, and try to curry favour with the Forces:.

    This man really is a complete twat.
  2. There was a grosser example here in 2003; a Senator Bartlett got pissed at lunch and was filmed attacking a female Senator afterward. When run to ground by the meeja, he tried to ooze out of it in the driveway of his home whilst holding one of his children.

    The child was crying almost hysterically, clearly very upset by the ruck, but Bartlett ignored it, clearly exploiting the child's distress in an attempt to evade responsibility for his actions.

    If a politician will do that, then they'll do anything.

    Beneath contempt.
  3. Other people have noticed that politicians are a wee bit manipulative.

    Sir Norman Fry
  4. Like the UK politician (Gummer?) who, at the height of the BSE crisis, fed his daughter a burger for the benefit of the assembled reptiles.
  5. Shit, I'd forgotten that! A similar instance here re. the introduction of recycled water to the Gold Coast; some politician offered to drink a glass of the stuff (fully treated, of course) to show it was safe, but was 'talked out of it' by colleagues! Boooooooo-sheet!
  6. 'Dritsek' Gummer? That was talked up as a disgraceful exploiting of his family for political gain, but I was actually quite glad to see a politician putting his money where his mouth was for once.
  7. I agree with you Smartas. If it had been the other way round and he was saying it was perfectly safe but not allowing his children to eat burgers then he would have been lynched by the Fleet St Gang. He obviously believed the meat was fit for human consumption so fair play to him. Not like Labour politicians saying Comprehensive schooling is perfectly adequate and the best way to educate your children then sending them to private schools, that is hypocrisy.
  8. They even got the c@nt Cambell on just about every TV channel, saying what a good bloke Gorden is, makes me want to take up projectile vomiting, just how thick do they think the voters are, its f**cking insulting
  9. Anything Brown does so has Cameron using the death of his handicapped son to rusttle up a few votes.
  10. Yes, but it wasn't his mouth, strictly speaking.

    Furthermore in a time before "expenses" didn't we buy him a very nice swimming pool for one or other of his homes?

  11. Cameron has not brought the death of his son up in an inteview, and started crying as Brown did, It made an old cynic like me almost puke
  12. Have some sympathy, his daughter does have CJD after all.... :twisted:

    I couldn't stand the man, but credit where it's due.
  13. Enter stage left Helen Scott Lidgett.

    Who she?

    HSL used to teach Sarah Brown art.

    Years pass and she gives that up and joins Hobsbawm Macaulay Communication, a PR company. One of the founders was one Sarah Macaulay. or Sarah Brown, to use her current moniker.

    When Sarah Brown shifted to Brunswick PR seven years ago, HSL went too.

    Now she has taken a "sabbatical" from that job to "assist" the Prime Minister. That is to "soften" Brown's image in a doomed attempt to make him electable. So keep the bucket handy for more dross like this.

    She should have learned long ago that you cannot polish a turd.
  14. Did he eat any of it himself? I don't think he did.
  15. For those who are a tad cynical about old Broone.... a gen election in the offing. Prime Time TV's a must to parade the sad side of life. Spin Meisters like Mr AC will grab any and every opportunity going..... It's a wonder he hasn't got old Cyclops going over to the States and going on the Oprah Winfrey Show to blub and whine about what a good geezer he really is..... :? 8O

    Maybe a cameo roll on East Enders to show waht tough geezer he is..

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