Is There No End to this mans Brilliance??

Every day a new chapter is being written in the handbook on how to be a benevolent and enlightened ruler by Kim Il Jung..

the man is so concerned for the well being of his people.. nothing escapes his worry..

what a man:

Kim has ordered the formation of a special prosecutor's office to arrest people who deal in South Korean goods, largely videotapes, or who use South Korean expressions or slang..
' To crack down on home viewing of imported videos, the North Korean police developed a strategy of encircling a section or neighbourhood in the evening, cutting off electricity, then entering homes and inspecting the VHS/DVD players to find what movies or other material got 'stuck' inside"

no report on what the person caught with the politically incorrect viewing material received in the way of a ' reprimand '..

[ any best the best of the 'good stuff ' gets sent to the palace for personal vetting.. ]

Mr. Kim, sir.. we snagged a copy of Taking it up the Bumend starring MDN and the Corp!
Oooh, a classic!!
Someone in N. Korea can afford to own a VHS/DVD player?
My thinking exactly, Wotan.. but then.. they can pick up dirt cheap Chinese made knock-offs and pirated tapes/discs from so-called ' strret vendors '

besides, since Dr. Kim is also a movie producer, Tv star, opera singer, and arts/culture maven, etc. etc. when not running the country. how is he going to get his vast repertoire out to his people if they can't watch him on the all Kim channel or rent his latest opus at the Kimbuster on the corner?

problem is that ' friends' in the South keep sending ' care packages ' to their Northern cousins [ much needed after all ] and stuff gets slipped in despite the vigilence of the NK Customs inspectors [no doubt leading to a number of job openings on a regular basis ]...
NK Customs needs some training from Canada Customs. That'll keep them sorted.

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