Is there no end to PC madness?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bossyboots, Dec 18, 2006.

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    Four viewers complained out of how many? And they were obviously very gay indeedy :x
  2. Is your avatar of Heather Mills McCartney or of someone pegging?!
  3. Boosyboots

    In answer to your question - the answer is 'no'. By way of example, Hertfordshire Police again excel themselves below with their Home Office inspired crusade towards a police state, via zealous pursuit of ridiculous targets.

    Tony Bliar tells us we are fighting overseas to protect our freedom - it doesn't feel like we have much freedom any more.

    'Model pupil' ends up with criminal record for a push in the playground
    By Graeme Wilson, Political Correspondent
    Last Updated: 2:43am GMT 18/12/2006

    The police were accused of "invading the classroom" last night after a 14-year-old schoolboy ended up with a criminal record for pushing over a boy he suspected of bullying his younger brother.

    The boy, a prefect who is described as a "model pupil" by his school, was given a formal reprimand by officers after an investigation. His name and offence have now been placed on the Police National Computer.

    Guya Persaud with his son whose name has been placed on the Police National Computer after he pushed another pupil
    His reprimand for a "violent crime" will also remain on the separate Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) database, jeopardising his hopes of following in his parents' footsteps and becoming a teacher.

    Full link

    Daily Telegraph
  4. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    How can that be racist? Germans are not a race they are a nationality!! Idiots.
  5. Hyphae wrote

    Both :lol:
  6. Notice the grounds under which the BBC seek to uphold four complaints out of a viewing public of many millions:

    Potential to offend


    So it did not actually offend anyone but it could do!


    Nice to see subjective evaluation dressed up and presented as arriving at a balanced decison based upon objective evidence.
  7. this is ridiculous! how can they complain about stuff like that really when there are programs like Little Britain out there which make a living out of taking the p1ss out of people!!! And making us all laugh in the process!!!).
  8. No, Little Britain takes the p1ss out of people who take the p1ss out of BBC values. It's simply double standards by an organisation that is famous for it.
  9. The four who complained where probably the car manufacturers. They're probably alarmed at the prospect of their sales dropping because people dont want to be seen as gay :lol:
  10. ha ha! nice one!!!
  11. ...and gays,
    and disabled people,
    and fat people,
    and cross dressers,
    and extended breastfeeders...
    etc etc etc...
  12. Ahh the BBC! Stout defender of British Values eh?

    Clarkson for Prime Minister I say!!!

  13. When I was 13 or so I was getting a hard time of a 17 year old each day on the bus to school. in the end I snapped and broke the Knut's nose (yes Richard I haven't forgotten) even his mates thought I had done the right thing and stopped him from taking revenge. I have since instructed my own kids that by all means follow correct procedure at school (they have a very good policy which works well), but if all else fails and they have to defend themselves then DO IT! I will back them 100 %

    (exits left carrying soapbox)

  14. It always surprises me when people think Little Britain is pushing the PC envelope, it's the most PC programme on the box. Take the old dear that vomits over foreigners, is that parodying foreigners or bigots? Take the only gay in the village ('married' this weekend), the joke there is that it reverses the real proportion of gays in society, making them the majority. Hearing old dears talk about two blokes handling 'c0ck' is funny because it doesn't happen, old dears are much too 'bigoted' in reality, having disgusting, old fashioned family values.

    On the same theme, the bloke in the wheel chair isn't being ridiculed, the BBC simply wouldn't dare, it is society's uncomfortable attitude that is being laughed at. The Dennis Waterman thing, if it is funny, is funny because it is just weird, it certainly isn't breaking comedic barriers, and I suspect that most people laugh because the laughing machine tells them to.

    Other than that, it was original and funny a few years ago, but risque and anti-PC? Never.
  15. well we will have to disagree then, as i am sure that some people could find the show offensive. I like it myself, but am not fat / disabled etc, but i have to say that being a woman who breastfeeds her daughter past the age of one, when i get "bitty" comments it certainly makes my blood boil, and i do not think that part of the show to be amusing, so i suppose how "PC" the show is depends on the public's reactions to it, and if people take it with a pinch of salt then yes i could agree with you, but for people who find it amusing to use quotes from the show to take the p1ss out of people who are breastfeeding / disabled etc, then i think that gives your opinions a run for their money.