Is there no end to MP thievery.....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by headgear, Apr 8, 2009.

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    I thought fat jackie smith was bad but these ******* are reallt taking the biscuit - they don't even use a second home but are claiming the expenses for it!!!!!! ****ing THIEVING LOWLIFE BARSTEWARDS
  2. Eh?

    They don't claim salaries as they don't sit in Westminster, but use the flats as they conduct their constituents business. Now Sinn Fein or not, they're actually a damn sight more honest about it than representatives from the mainland parties have been.

    I smell an attempt to divert attention from another story brewing..
  3. Have to agree with you there. They've broken no rules, so one had to wonder at the motivation for those who planted this story now. Could Ms. Smith and co be in more hot water?
  4. copepod

    copepod Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Also, article says five Seinn Fein MPs share 2 flats - why don't more MPs representing seats outside London share flats / houses?
  5. Much as I HATE to be seen to defend SF, two flats between five MPs doesn't seem unreasonable, as they don't exactly live within commuting distance. I wonder how many MPs of the main parties DO live within commuting distance and claim for a flat.

    Also, I wonder how £400 000 over nine years between 5 MP's compares with any other 5 MPs selected at random.

    Methinks I agree with PTP - snowscreen coming up!
  6. I suppose they think it would be too unseemly for people of such importance as themselves to do so. :roll:
  7. Two flats between 5 MPs? Seems like good value to me....

    ArRSers supporting Sien Fein? (Checks colour of sky, temperature of hell and spys pigs taxiing on the runway!!)
  8. What about they both have so many jobs between them they are contributing to unemployment in Northern Ireland.
  9. The Sinn Fein article has now syndicated out to 294 pieces at the last count.

    Jackie Smith is at 188. Which is odd. Very odd. Someone is pumping this story.

    Type 'MP' into Google news to see what the smoke stonk is about, and what's bubbling under right now.
  10. I wonder if MP's have to bring the same amount of proof of residency as the rest of us. Just been told my council tax bill isn't proof enough that I live at my home address to claim GYH. I'm not known for paying random people's council tax. so why do i have to produce Council tax, mortgage docs, solicitors letter, utility bills. I vote put the army clerks in charge of MP's claims, then they wouldn't get naff all out of the system. Even if they were entitled to it they'd make them jump through rings of fire first. Or put them all on JPA that'll see um off.

    Rant over.
  11. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    What I don't get is these are expenses.
    If 5 people claim just short of the maximum expenses for 2 flats, how can that be right? Expenses covers the cost of running the flat(s) therefore each should have claimed 1/5th in expenses surely?

    I get the feeling that because they are not being paid for sitting in parly they are using other means to extract cash from the UK taxpayer they so loudly object to.
  12. On the face of it their claim seems no less valid than any others, of course we have yet to see as much detail as we have seen of some others. Certainly they are more justified that the claims of cabinet minsters who have either used grace and favour homes or turned them down, We have several ministers includiing Brown who has lived for free in London for 12 years still claiming for a second home.

    This row has been brewing for some years and Brown and Mr Speaker have done every thing they can do to avoid facing the issue rather than getting something done about it. Makes you think doesn't it.
  13. B.B.C. N. Ireland 1030 news, Shaun Woodward now getting a touch.
  14. Sinn Fein do not represent the British people. Them fleecing us for all this ££ is a result in the eyes of republicans, just another points score and does not register on my angermonitor.

    Now what I do have issue with it those MPs that represent you and me and who are becoming illegaly rich. That's all of them it seems.
  15. Yesterday afternoon I took a relaxing boat ride down the River Spree. Just after I passed the chancellery offices on my left I passed a huge complex of apartment blocks.

    Imagine my surprise when I was told that these blocks were for the representatives (MP’s) when they were staying in Berlin 8O

    Pity that all our representatives can’t exist without a liveable (profitable) second home in the profitable areas of the capital :twisted:

    Politicians scum of the earth :twisted: :evil: :twisted: