Is there help out there?


Having spoken to serving and ex serving memebers of the TAVR, there seem to be only one option for help with Service Related Combat Stress for those in the TAVR.
I am aware that there is Chillwell, however, that is only an assessment, the owness is placed upon the GP to get the clinical and any treatments they would require.
However, with many GP still not having any instruction from the NHS and coming from the Mod, it is little surprise that all they may get is medication - medication - medication.
The funding for Talking therapies is being cut, as is the provision for Mental Health both in England and Wales.
I feel that treatment for any TAVR soldier is very limited and patchy at best, the regulars have 16 pilot projects covering the UK and BAOR, although there seems to be little more detail.
For EX members of the regulars you have one charity 'Combat Stress', where now you can self refer, this will save time going through either SSAFA or the RBL, who have little understanding of any Service Related Mental Health issues.
But the EX TAVR soldier seems to have no point of contact for help and yet you have done the same as many regular soldiers when facing incoming fire day after day and for long periods of time.
And lets not forget the family at home do not have the regimental family support the regulars have and how many employers once back at work, would even want to know what to look for in the individual, to know they are at risk?


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I am probably remiss in not knowing the answer to your question, but it has certainly been announced that TA (It's not been TAVR since 1979) soldiers suffering from PTSD etc would be able to use the same services as regulars.

If you have a specific issue I think you have already highlighted the people who can help - Combat Stress, RBL or SSAFFA you might also want to contact the Veteran's Agency

The RBL or SSAFFA may not be able to help directly but will certainly know who can, and have the clout to raise a fuss if they are not.

I would also hope that former TA soldiers contacting their old units would at the very least get a sympathetic ear and sound advise as to where to go for help.

If you are aware of any unit where this is not happening don't get hung up on it contact the other agencies but at the same time write to the CO of the unit concerned and point out the shortcomings in his/her welfare set up, and if you get no joy from that write to your MP. That does not help you but it may help the next guy. - Small word of caution. If the answer you get from the the Unit is "I don't know, I'll have to find out, I'll get back to you" Give them a chance after all it may be the first time they've had the question.

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