Is there going to be a new Med Regt in NI

Can anyone answer a rumour for me,
Is there going to be a new Med Regt being formed in NI?
Im led to believe itwil be called 6 Med regt, I ask because im due to go to NI in June but as per usual JPA has not been up dated and the only person that actually knows what my job is is either on leave, conference, meeting or just cant be arsed to check for me, I have been told that 6 Med Regt is supposed to be opening about the same time and as the hospital is/or has closed im thinking this could be a likely posting please help a very confused QA,
I've been in NI for over 2 years now and have heard nothing about a new Med Regt forming. There was a bit of a duty rumour about one of the Regts coming over here, but how true that is I don't know.

DCU shutting has binned most of the QA places in Province.

Are you a HCA or RN?
If RN is it MH or AH?

There is currently a very small number of QA posts in NI (not including TA of course), all part of APHCS(SNI). There is a bit of a mix of RN(AH), RN(MH) and HCA going on in there, with a quarter of the slots being officer places. It's a bit all over the place at the minute with the new MRS opening, so nothing is set in stone right now.

Five of the MRS places haven't been filled yet, so it's a possibility...
Hi Bigmac,

Well i've found out my big mystery and im going to be working in the new MPAC position within 38 Bde
im a HCA and im currently in post at RCDM i was a CMT for 8yrs and im quite gutted that im going into an office job as clinical is what i prefer but as my bosses keep saying its the way ahead and could be a good career move in the right direction.
I take it your a RN, are you in the MRS?
again many thanks for your note can you tell me what its actually like there i am married no kids with my wife and is the mil network any good over there as brum is crap.
Well the North Irish Medical Regiment is now being disbanded next year. I only found out today, Dream Sheet has to go in by the end of the week. I should imagine the TA element will stay there though.

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