Is there evidence for Muslim / Para hospital incident?

From Prime Ministers Questions Yesterday:

As there has been a lot of discussion about Selly Oak hospital in the news in the past few days, I should at least give it the chance to respond. It has issued a statement that has not been particularly well covered, but I would like to quote from two parts of it. It says:

“In the main, the articles”—

in the media—

“ are inaccurate, unbalanced, ill-informed and unsubstantiated.”

That is not exactly surprising, but it goes on to say:

“On no occasion has the Trust been approached to comment on any of the allegations. There have been reports of an alleged Muslim visitor verbally abusing a paratrooper at Selly Oak Hospital. Neither the Trust, nor the Ministry of Defence, has any formal or anecdotal reports or evidence that this alleged incident took place.”

The statement adds that patients are getting an excellent standard of care and there are no complaints either from the patients themselves or from those who are charged with looking after them.
If the incident did happen, surely a complaint to the hospital should be top of the to-do list.

Is there any evidence that the incident happened or are all the media reports just re-quoting the claims of one journalist?

Clearly services personnel should have a secure place to recover from injuries, so it is right for us to press our MPs to look into the situation, but are we getting outraged about an incident that never actually happened?

Link for PMQs transcript:
Welcome Stickler - if you have a look at the following thread, it might (amongst it's 50 pages) address your questions.

As to the authenticity of the incident. Like most people, we're pretty much left with what appears in the media, if you know any journalists though, ask them whether it's true - they printed it after all.

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