Is there enough in the ICA fund to buy this?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by REMFQuestions, Jun 2, 2010.

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  1. "The car is road legal with 30,000 miles on the clock"

    "The car is up and running and all the gadgets still work too. You can use the smoke screen and oil slick discharge, the revolving number plates and activate the bullet-proof shield at the back.

    "The machine guns obviously don't work - they never have done - but you can still press a button inside and it moves them into position.

    "The car is road legal and whoever buys it will be able to take it out on the open road or drive it to work if they wanted."

    :D :D :D :D
  2. If purchased, the safest place to secure it would be amongst the Volvos in Templer - oops!
  3. All monies contributed to ICA funds are for the welfare of serving and former members of the Corps.

    This includes such useful items as portraits of senior officers (at £10000 a time) for said members to stare at !

    PS - Whatever happened to the 12 Coy MT Clerk ?
    PPS - Have you seen Subsonics `new` SPW ?
  4. TMA you must have a spare 4 mil lying around?
  5. Does that include scousers TMA?
  6. He's broke: only scraped enough to get the Tart Trap resprayed.

    BTW its the MT SNCO

    Acording to a usually reliable source, recently seen aboard a pleasure craft on the Thames...
  7. REMF Q - Spare 4 mil ? - all spent on R&D for new analytical IT tool . Concluded that you cannot beat a 2B pencil (sharpened at both ends) and a empty fag packet !

    Bin Dipper ? - ah yes you remember the salmom fisherman well ! I was that close to getting the Whiterock Mini ! 8O

    Sub - SNCO ? Think your memory module is still stuck in 1979 !
  8. Hmm. Bad timing for selling things British based on that USP :(
  9. If you want an oil slick and smoke screen just buy any British Leyland car of the 70's or 80's.
  10. A more apposite museum piece would be the 122 Int Sect Lada which saw very slow service around the grislier parts of Londonderry in 1977.

    It stank, too. The fart of a thousand days was contained in those worn plastic seats. It was probably sold to Sierra Leone, like my SLR and beret.
  11. Ah, the SLR. I remember it so well ...

    Is there a thread on Arrse which cannot include mention of the beloved SLR?
  12. Not that bl**dy awful light green thing?

    IIRC there was one month in the slightly later 1970s where the section put every vehicle they had off the road - except one. You guessed it...
  13. That's the one. It sat next to its sister in motoring mediocrity, the brown Allegro. We really knew how to pick them.

    12 Coy went through a patch when every other car on its books was a red Chevette. I'm quite certain there was a double agent in the MT.
  14. I personally favoured 124's Orange Fiat 127. It only broke down once-on the Kilwilkie and the boyos were kind enough only to stone it, not torch it.

    I remember our Rag and Oil Clerk crashing it but he was blind so he had a good excuse !