Is there blood on his hands?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Oct 1, 2006.

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  1. Is there blood on his hands?

    As Kofi Annan prepares to stand down as UN secretary-general, Adam LeBor investigates the accusations made against the world’s chief defender of human rights

    Sunday Times Link
    (edited to add poll)
  2. Yes.So long as he takes his time on the Darfur question.
  3. Ethnic Cleansing in Bosnia...
    Sierra Leone
    East Timor

    Corruption in the "Oil for Food" program in Iraq(including his Son)started by the previous chief Boutros Boutros G.

    So , Yes I would, he's little better than Pierre Laval :wink:
  4. Yes.
  5. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

  6. Hmm

    Money yes.

    Blood No. The UN is only as powerful as the security council will let it. In the absence of serious commitment by US/UK/Russia/France nothing happens.

    He is a good scapegoat though ;)
  7. Kofi Annan, or any Sec. Gen. of the UN, is merely a figurehead for an organisation that cannot fart without the permission of its member states. When it comes to matters of security, that authority, and RESPONSIBILITY, lies with the Security Council (UNSC).

    How was it that several thousand muslims were cut down by serb guns around Srebrenica?

    Was it because Kofi Annan had refused to provide sufficiant troops to 'protect' Srebrenica? No!
    Was it because Kofi Annan had refused to provide sufficiant troops to put an end to the civil war? No!
    Was it Kofi Annan who created the unworkable 'safe area' policy? No!

    In public, the policy was designed to allow for muslim areas to become safe havens in which muslim civilians could seek sanctuary from the war and receive aid from the UN. The 'safe areas' were to be de-militarised and thus not provide the Serbs an excuse to attack. Srebrenica was never de-militarised, and was in fact the hub of ABiH operations in eastern Bosnia.

    In reality, the 'safe area' policy was specifically created into drawing NATO and the International Community into bombing the Serbs. Looking at past track history, the sponsors of the 'safe area' policy had correctly calculated that the muslims would never de-militarise and refrain from sending out raiding parties, that the serbs would never be able to refrain from responding, and that UNPROFOR would never be able to raise the troops necessary to actually make the policy work. Thus, the sponsor calculated, the 'only' way to enforce the policy was by airpower against the serbs.

    The 'safe area' was NOT implimented to help the muslim population of Srebrenica, it was implimented to bring about a direct conflict between NATO (read US) airpower and the bosnian serbs - don't forget this followed on the coat-tails of the unsuccesful 'lift & strike' strategy.

    If anyone other than the murderers who pulled the trigger are to be accused of blood on their hands, it is those who dreamed up, pushed for and then implimented a policy that was setting these poor folk as lambs for the slaughter!
  8. After reading the entire article, I started to wonder if the UN is any value at all. Maybe it has had its day.
  9. Dag Hammarskjöld was the last really effective head of the UN and theres at least one theory floating around that he was offed
    the security council want an ineffective crook in charge and thats what they got the US backed Koffi for the job.
    unfortunatly he made some minor critisims of the US so is now the no 1 enemy :(
    the UN needs a brach and root reform but nots going to happen do you think the US wants israel in the dock or russia and china want to be held to account :cry:
  10. Hard to spot the blood on his hands, the oil for food money absorbs it nicely.
  11. Whilst parts of it are corrupt and at times it is no better than a 'paper tiger' things would be much worse without it. It is only ever the failures that are highlighted and you cannout judge the UN by these alone. It has come a long way in improving Human Rights but it has a long way to go.

    Yes I do believe that Kofi Annan has blood on his hands but he is not the only one. As has been said the UN is only as strong as its members. The U.S, the Uk, France (especially with rwanda), Russia and China do not want the UN to become to powerful as then it won't be there to look after their own interests. The problem is that if the UN could operate without voting members it would then be undemocratic and and lack legitimacy.

    Another problem with the UN is that most of the people who go and work for it, especially in the higher positions are there for their own reward and not there for the people that the UN protects.
  12. In my opinion, He is culpable
  13. I can't rail the UN completely, they've done well with some projects like water treatment, agricultural growth, and things of that nature. However, the Security council has been useless. I know the voting members have to come together before peacekeepers are allowed anywhere, but somebody needs to seriously examine the rules of engagement. Rwanda is the very earliest it should have been changed. Currently almost nothing has. Just look at Darfur, and also that joke of an operation in Haiti (Haiti's peacekeeping force had witch hunt when someone dared violate the ROE to stop an incident, and a commander commited suicide not long ago).

    My problem with Kofi Anan is that he expresses no remorse. On the contrary, he feels proud that he doesn't allow UN peacekeepers to engage hostile forces. Too many believe that peace is a means rather than an end.
  14. So just "Who" wanted the 'Safe Haven' policy.
    Hammerskjol died under suspicious cercumstances in the Congo, if my memory is right.
    I know the Yanks wanted rid of the Eygptian Boutros Butros Galli and this resulted in Annan a UN time server getting the job.
    I have often wonderd what would have happened if we had, had a Brit battalion in Sebrinica.